OpenLivingLab Days – the annual summit of living labs

Artikkelikuva: OpenLivingLab Days – the annual summit of living labs
OpenLivingLab Days is the annual summit of the worldwide Living Lab community combing four days networking, sharing, learning and exploitation of theory, methods and tools. Conference elements include a research day, matchmaking, networking, workshops and seminars. It is integrated with the popular ENoLL Summer School. 
OpenLivingLab Days include interactive sessions, workshops, lively discussion panels with excursions and off-site visits with the aim of giving the participants a wider insight about models, theories and technologies related to Living Labs. Participants have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience from the leading experts on the subject and to network with other Living Lab enthusiasts. The programme is currently under construction.
The event is organised by the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) with Başakşehir Living Lab in Istanbul Turkey.
Twitter: #OpenLL15

ENoLL is the international, non-profit, independent association of benchmarked Living Labs in Europe and beyond. To this date, 9 calls for membership applications have been launched, resulting in 370 accepted Living Labs. Empower everyone to innovate, ENoLL brings together players in diverse fields from the creative industries, manufacturing, health, smart cities, open data and beyond.


OpenLivingLab Days from European Network of Living Labs on Vimeo.

Aika: 08/25/2015 – 09:00 – 08/28/2015 – 17:00 – 08/25/2015 – 09:00 – 08/28/2015 – 17:00
Paikka: Istanbul. Turkey

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