Junction – Europe’s biggest hackathon is right on the corner

Artikkelikuva: Junction – Europe’s biggest hackathon is right on the corner

Kuva: Johannes Terhemaa

Junction is Europe’s leading hackathon and a converging point for developers, designers, and entrepreneurs from across the world. Held on November 25-27 in Helsinki, the city of Helsinki and the Six City Strategy cast out three challenges around Healthtech, Intelligent buildings and Future mobility for Junction participants.

Held as 48 hour hackathon, Junction 2016 brings together over a thousand developers, designers, and entrepreneurs from over 40 countries to turn their ideas into products and services. Here no idea is too crazy, and thinking outside the box is encouraged. View the schedule.

This year’s Junction wraps around virtual reality and has 10 tracks to hack:

Game jam / Virtual reality / Internet of things / Data driven economy / Fintech / Artificial intelligence / Healthtech / Intelligent buildings / Ecommerce & retail / Future mobility

At Junction, the city of Helsinki and the Six City Strategy offer three challenges in co-operation with Smart Kalasatama, SOHJOA robot buses and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. Forum Virium Helsinki is the coordinator of Smart Kalasatama project and the Six City Strategy Office.

Solar revolution

Integrating solar electricity production in buildings has a potential to greatly increase the share of renewables in the city. In Kalasatama, the smart city district of Helsinki, a growing number of buildings is equipped with an advanced home energy metering system. How can we use the advanced metering system to leverage the full potential of the solar energy system? From Junction participants, we look for a solution where dwellers can join to and benefit from solar installation, get their fair share of the produced electricity, and that the electricity bought from and sold to the grid would be minimized in the housing company level.

The winner gets a 500€ reward and possibility to pitch a pilot-ready idea in the agile mini-pilots program of the Kalasatama Smart City District.

Track: Intelligent buildings
More information: https://hackjunction.com/tracks/intelligent-buildings/

Software Development to the Personal Helper Robot

Service robots in healthcare are working in complicated and varying environments. At Junction, we are looking for applications that can offer amazing software level and user experiences and bring add on value to the service robots. Cloud computing, global and local strategy making are interesting components with episodic memory principle to solve software development problem and may help us to find effective method to come winner in service robotics area. The most elegant and feasible algorithm is the winner.

The winner gets 500€ reward. For a piloting ready algorithm further testing with the robot might be offered by the judging team.

Track: Healthtech
More information: https://hackjunction.com/tracks/healthtech/

Robotbus challenge

Automated public transport is aiming at taking the driver out from the vehicle and making the vehicles remotely operated. However, automating the public transport will introduce new challenges. We look for cost-effective, robust and easy-to-implement solutions to: – Create a system for “virtual stops” for robot buses, ie. stops that are not coded in to the pre-recorded routes, but can be created on the go. – Design a system that provides the remote operator and bus logs with passenger count. The winner gets a 500€ reward and possibility to pitch the idea to officials running the agile mini-pilots in smart transportation.

Track: Future mobility
More information: https://hackjunction.com/tracks/future-mobility/

Junction is organised by Aalto Entrepreneurship Society (Aaltoes), now for the second time. Last year, the event attracted 500 coders and resulted to 145 new projects. https://hackjunction.com

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