EMPOWER vlog competition for more sustainable transport

Artikkelikuva: EMPOWER vlog competition for more sustainable transport

EMPOWER launches Vlog Competition

Have you got the EMPOWER?
Do you have an interest in promoting a switch to more sustainable transport?
Are you a vlogger who is creative and passionate about communication?
Would you like to win up to €250 in Amazon or holiday vouchers?

Entry deadline: 1st April 2018 

We are looking for exciting and innovative vlogs that will engage a wide ranging audience, which capture the essence of positive incentives for reducing the use of conventionally fuelled vehicles.

Forms of incentivisation may be (though are not restricted to):

  1. Information provision
  2. Awards/discounts/prizes
  3. Community support
  4. Gaming

This can be related to any dimension of reduction, such as:

  1. Reducing car dependency or the need to travel
  2. Switching to the use of public transport instead of using private, regular-fuelled vehicles
  3. Encouraging active travel (eg walking and cycling)
  4. Celebrating alternatively fuelled vehicles (eg electric, hydrogen)

Topics to consider include:

  • What is positive incentivisation / nudge theory?
  • Why is positive incentivisation appropriate for reducing the use of conventionally fuelled vehicles?
  • How has positive incentivisation been used in the past?
    • Where has it worked and why?
    • What have been the challenges to it’s success?
    • What are the best examples and worst examples?
    • Are successful examples transferable between cities/regions?
    • Are there case studies outside of transport that could be used?
  • What current/ future opportunities are there for positive incentivisation?
    • New technologies
    • Behavioural and attitudinal change
    • Political and social engagement
    • Equity and sustainability agendas
  • Why use positive incentivisation as opposed to other forms of incentivisation (eg fiscal, regulatory)
  • What other advantages / disadvantages could there be of the introduction and success of positive incentivise for the reduction of conventionally fuelled vehicles?
    • Socio-economic equity / ethical issues
    • Environmental and sustainability impact
    • Economic implications

More information:

EMPOWER competition terms and conditions

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