Tule mukaan Itämeren alueesta kirjoittavien bloggaajien joukkoon!

Artikkelikuva: Tule mukaan Itämeren alueesta kirjoittavien bloggaajien joukkoon!

One Baltic Sea Region -projekti etsii uusia blogin kirjoittajia. Jos asut Itämeren alueella, olet kiinnostunut jakamaan arkeasi muille lukijoille, olet kirjoittanut blogia aiemminkin ja kirjoitat sujuvaa englantia, hae mukaan!

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Ten nations and already over 60 stories – but we want more.

The ONE Baltic Sea Region bloggers have shared stories from their daily lives since March 2013. Eleven bloggers have been posting about specialties and quirks from their respective nations, giving tips such as where to have coffee in the hip neighborhood Nørrebro in Copenhagen (Denmark), or what it takes to sail the Baltic Sea from Kiel (Germany) to Ystad (Sweden). Their experiences provide readers with a window into what life is like on the shore of the Baltic Sea.

We are especially looking for photo- and video-bloggers who want to post about their daily lives and share their views on a regular basis in the ONE BSR blog at the BSR news platform newsWave, but all applicants are welcome.

While blogging on the ONE BSR-blog, you will reach out to a large local and international audience, and become part of an intercultural network of bloggers. As one of the current bloggers, Tobias Koch says:

“The idea that the manifold Baltic Sea Region rooms a great deal of attraction to all kinds of people from the different shores and beyond [is] a wonderful opportunity to cross borders and get beyond nations as such, with the ambition of learning from and about each other.”

Our Copenhagen blogger Mia Scap writes:

“The reason I am writing my blog is because I want to share my experiences with others in order to inspire them to do the same or even better. I believe I could give an interesting view on Copenhagen and its urban life through my “expat eyes” with plenty of cultural background.”

Finally, blogger Esin Aamutuuli writes about her passion for her blog Helsinki for Urban Travelers:

“I was sitting at home bored and frustrated; I wanted to invent something new, but I didn’t know what. I started to write about Finnish culture, just to introduce it to people who are interested about Finland. I wanted them to experience Helsinki as I see.”

Interested? Send your application now and join the BSR bloggers’ community!

Conditions – All Applicants Must:

1. Write in English well and with a catchy tone

2. Have at least one year of experience with blogging

3. Live in the Baltic Sea Region (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden)

4. Blog about interesting daily life topics and publish self-made images and/or videos at least once a month in English at the BSR news platform newsWave till the end of 2014

5. Blog for free and agree, that ONE BSR Project will have the right to use your texts, pictures, and videos in different ways

You can find the application form here.

Additional questions please contact:                          
Franziska Schindler, ARS BALTICA Secretariat (Germany)


newsWave: www.newswave.eu/articles/blogs

Application form link: http://digiumenterprise.com/answer/?sid=959811&chk=TWZW6AGR

ONE BSR Project aims to increase the competitiveness of the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) by marketing it as one unity. Together with 17 partners from around the region, the project identifies key elements for the image and identity building of the region, and brings up the best that the region has to offer for international investors, talents and tourists. Come and join us at www.onebsr.eu. Forum Virium Helsinki together with the City of Helsinki participate in the project seeking new ways to connect locals and visitors of the Baltic region through various innovative media platforms.

ONE BSR is part-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund).

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