Workshop: Serious gaming and learning meets Natural Resources Data

Hey You, Digital Service Developer in Education! Interested in putting Environmental and other Natural Resources Data into full usage?
Finnish Partnership for Research on Natural Resources and the Environment (LYNET) is calling all serious gaming and learning players to create digital services together.
DIGILE and the Finnish Partnership for Research on Natural Resources and the Environment (LYNET) are organising a get-together that will tap into domains like environmental education ( and serious gaming, digital gaming in general (e.g. “fact based” dystopia/utopia games) and the possibilities of Open Data.
As LYNET is providing access to several data providers it is up to you to use your creativity to see what kind of opportunities it creates. This type of data is collected all around the world by governments – and as it is not as regulated as e.g. health data, it creates interesting opportunities for
providing digital services to all geographies.
Link to the LYNET datasources (The link is in Finnish, but the individual data provider’s web-pages have information also in English).
The session will be organised @DIGILE Showroom, Espoo on Wed Sep 17 at 10:00-12:00.
•    15 min – Introductions
•    15 min – About LYNET and the nature of data that is available
Sirpa Thessler (LYNET), Juhani Kettunen (Finnish Environment Institute SYKE), Tapani Sarjakoski (Finnish Geodetic Institute)
•    75 min – Group work
Let’s ideate new openings by playing Atlas co-creation game (read more about Atlas here and here). Facilitated by Pia Erkinheimo and Sanna Vainionpää (DIGILE)
•    15 min Next Steps
If you want to participate, please contact Pia Erkinheimo (pia.erkinheimo(at)

Aika: 09/17/2014 – 10:00 – 12:00 – 09/17/2014 – 10:00 – 12:00
Paikka: DIGILE Showroom, Espoo

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