The Future Internet Week 2011

The Future Internet week 2011 is organized at 16-19 May 2011 in Budapest, Hungary. The set of conferences and events will investigate the policy, technological, and socio-economic aspects of the Future Internet involving many participants from the industry, academia and stakeholders from the European Commission and from the Member States.

The Future Internet Week is composed of several distinct conferences and events:

16 May 2011, FIRE Research workshop, Internet of Things Conference, ENoLL event, Future Internet Cluster Workshop
17 May 2011, Future Internet Conference, FIRE Architecture Board (by invitation)
18 May 2011, Future Internet Assembly (FIA), Future Internet Forum (FIF – by invitation), ceFIMS (by invitation)
19 May, 2011, Future Internet Assembly (FIA), ICT Proposers Day

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Aika: 05/16/2011 (Koko päivä) – 05/19/2011 (Koko päivä) – 05/16/2011 (Koko päivä) – 05/19/2011 (Koko päivä)
Paikka: Budapest, Hungary

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