OpenLivingLab Days 2014

Artikkelikuva: OpenLivingLab Days 2014

OpenLivingLab Days is the annual summit of the worldwide Living Lab community integrated with the popular ENoLL Summer School. The annual 4 day event includes interactive sessions, workshops, lively discussion panels with excursions and off-site visits with the aim of giving the participants a wider insight about models, theories and technologies related to Living Labs. Participants have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience from the leading experts on the subject and to network with other Living Lab enthusiasts. We will welcome the 8th Wave of new ENoLL members to the network and hold a special conference day with the World Wide Community of Open Living Labs.

After four successful editions in Paris 2010, Barcelona 2011, Helsinki 2012, Manchester 2013, the 5th edition will be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from the 2nd to the 6th of September and is organised by Amsterdam Economic Board, Waag Society, the Amsterdam City Council together with the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL).

Aika: 09/02/2014 (Koko päivä) – 09/06/2014 (Koko päivä) – 09/02/2014 (Koko päivä) – 09/06/2014 (Koko päivä)
Paikka: De Nieuwe Liefde, Da Costakade 102 1053 WP Amsterdam, Holland

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