Moscow Innovations Forum

Artikkelikuva: Moscow Innovations Forum
Open Innovations Forum, a global innovation event during October 31 to November 2, 2013, is organized by leading Russian development institutions, the Government of Moscow, and the Government of the Russian Federation. The Forum unites representatives of business, policy, science and education to exchange ideas & promote cooperation, and to gain a holistic view on emerging global innovation and technology trends. The Open Innovations Forum takes place at Moscow, Russia. 
Forum Virium Helsinki will run a Smart City themed workshop within the Open Innovations Forum. The workshop is titled: “Shaping Open Innovation for Smart Cities”. The workshop gives participants an overview of the open innovation landscape, represent showcases from Helsinki & Finland, and works towards concrete steps to be implemented within the participants’ own city context.
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Aika: 10/31/2013 (Koko päivä) – 11/02/2013 (Koko päivä) – 10/31/2013 (Koko päivä) – 11/02/2013 (Koko päivä)
Paikka: Moscow, Russia

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