Artikkelikuva: FutureFest
FutureFest is a weekend of immersive experiences, compelling performances and radical speakers to explore and challenge perceptions of the future. On Sunday, D-CENT is hosting two panels: one of the future of political parties and other on the future of money. The panels are chaired by Francesca Bria and Denis “Jaromil” Roio.
The event is not designed as a traditional static conference but as a multi format event which gives visitors ample opportunity to take self-guided journeys. The programme will span discussion, performances, installations and interactive experiences.
The speakers include the visionary musician George Clinton, NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden, journalist and best-selling author Jon Ronson and human rights lawyer Baroness Helena Kennedy QC, among others.
On Sunday 15th of March, D-CENT hosts two panels:
  • Networks, Movements and Parties: D-CENT and the challenges of net-era politics
    Francesca Bria (chair), Birgitta Jonsdottir, Davide Barillari, Fabrizio Sestini, Miguel Arana Catania
  • Blockchain: How Encryption Will Shape The Economics and Politics of the future
    Denis ”Jaromil” Roio (chair), Brett Scott, Jorge Timón, Stacy Herbert
Download  the full programme here for SATURDAY and SUNDAY.
Saturday and Weekend Passes are now sold out. Tickets for Sunday are available here.
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FutureFest 2015 from Nesta UK on Vimeo.

Aika: 03/14/2015 – 09:00 – 03/15/2015 – 17:00 – 03/14/2015 – 09:00 – 03/15/2015 – 17:00
Paikka: Vinopolis, London, UK


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