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EIT Digital is a European digital innovation and entrepreneurial organisation driving Europe’s digital transformation. Forum Virium Helsinki works closely together with EIT Digital contributing in different projects, and is an affiliate partner of the network.

European Institute of Innovation and Technology EIT is a leading technological research organization in EU. It`s aim is to increase the competitiveness of the EU. It is focused on entrepreneurship and it is at the forefront of integrating education, research and business by bringing together students, researchers, engineers, business developers and entrepreneurs. By integrating different actors, the silos between actors can be eliminated and better connections can be created.

EIT Digital aims at creating a dynamic and reinforcing European ICT ecosystem. An objective is to have Silicon Valley type of testbed for new ideas within EU.

Forum Virium Helsinki is an affiliate partner of EIT Digital. EIT Digital offers its partners collaborations with other Innovation Hubs in Europe. Co-Location Centres are located in Helsinki, Berlin, Eindhoven, Paris, Stockholm and Trento.

Helsinki Node

EIT Digital Helsinki Co-Location center is situated at the Open Innovation House in Otaniemi. It was founded by Nokia, VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) and Aalto University. The focus of action is on smart spaces, service design, Green ICT, sustainability and wellbeing.

Eit Digital is a strong innovation Hub. Forum Virium Helsinki works closely together with the network and has been partnering in many EIT Digital projects:

  • Get Home Safely
    The aim of the Get Home Safely project was to guide people home safely in an urban environment.
  • Quasimodo
    The aim of the Quasimodo project was to improve the indoor air quality of households and create a personalised air quality warning system.
  • SARA
    Social & Autonomous Robotic Health Assistant project.
  • Bright Ageing
    The Bright Ageing project involves testing a smart lighting system.
  • Env&You
    Project strives for more comprehensive knowledge about pollution in Helsinki.
  • LumiPark
    LumiPark aims to improve parking and traffic control in Helsinki. More efficient utilization of urban infrastructure will lead to enjoyable, livable and healthy spaces, making city more attractive.
  • SmAll
    Project develops and pilots new mobility services and backend components in Italy. Forum Virium Helsinki acts as an advisor in the project.
  • Connecting Digital Cities
    Forum Virium Helsinki and VTT piloted a park and ride application “Menopeli”. It helps to avoid traffic jams caused by big public events organised around the city.
  • Street Smart
    Forum Virium Helsinki piloted digital services for mobile devices. Street Smart experimented how playing games and guidance could be combined. It was also planning services that will open up the future of the city structure and history through an augmented reality.
  • New ways for citizens to explore future plans for their neighbourhood
    Through augmented reality application, people in Koskela neighbourhood got to know the future construction plans for the Koskela hospital area. The application showed people how the new buildings would look like in their real environment.
  • Digital wayfinding in Kamppi
    With the help of a smartphone application and heart-shaped signs on the floor, people were able to find stores and services fast and easy.
  • Professor Millenium (2014)
    In the spring 2014, technological adventure game was created for the Millenium-event. A lost laboratory of Professor Millenium invited youth to explore technology. Several schools from the capital area participated in the game and City of Helsinki employees were assisting at the checkpoints.
  • Dive into history through augmented reality
    Forum Virium Helsinki and VTT tested a new wayfinding concept linking the past and present when strolling the streets of Helsinki. The demo application took citizen out on a historic tour, showing how the places used to look hundred years ago.

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