Come work for us

Are you an urban development or data expert?

Come work for us – we are constantly looking for inquisitive people with different backgrounds to join our dynamic team. We offer excellent benefits, a great working community, the opportunity for remote working, a pleasant office at Helsinki city centre and a front-row seat to the smart city development of Helsinki and the whole of Europe. We are currently looking for data specialists in particular.

Forum Virium Helsinki employs approximately 60 top-level experts. We are highly regarded by both our employees and our cooperation partners: We boast an employee satisfaction score of 4.25/5, and our cooperation partners have given us an impressively high Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 67. We are frequently covered by the media all over the world.

We develop the urban solutions of the future. We operate in a constantly changing environment, testing new innovations in Helsinki and various other cities across Europe. Our operating models and technologies are developed in collaboration with the City of Helsinki, companies, universities and city residents. Through this collaborative approach, we have created impressive solutions in the data, transport, robotics and low-carbon smart city planning domains. In the 2020s, we are focusing on utilising the data accumulated about cities in the design of new services.