LumiPark integrates parking and smart lighting in Helsinki

Artikkelikuva: LumiPark integrates parking and smart lighting in Helsinki

LumiPark aims to improve parking and traffic control in Helsinki. More efficient utilization of urban infrastructure will lead to enjoyable, livable and healthy spaces, making city more attractive.

Forum Virium Helsinki will bring together main public and private actors for facilitating LumiPark pilot in fall 2016 at Kapteeninpuistikko in Ullanlinna, Helsinki. The project pilots new technological solutions for parking. LumiPark integrates smart outdoor lighting and parking monitoring into one smart city service.

Integrated parking monitoring in outdoor lighting fixtures provides information with high granularity enabling parking services for city owners and city users. The data helps drivers to find parking places more efficiently.

Parking data can benefit Helsinki in many ways, e.g reduce air pollution, traffic noise, and false parking on tram rails or sidewalks. Also, continuous tracking of parking behavior helps to identify parking bottlenecks, and need of traffic guidance. One vision for the future is that outdoor lights could give color indications on free parking places in the area.

Municipalities want to limit the negative effects caused by driving and parking, such as air pollution, traffic noise, and false parking. For citizens, the key is to find parking place as quickly as possible. Less time time wasted on searching parking places leads to less air and noise pollution, and hence more liveable city.

Learning more about parking behavior is a way to utilise urban spaces more efficiently. LumiPark aims to answer all these parking related questions.

The project is funded by EIT Digital and partnering with Philips and Parquery.



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