IoT-NGIN – Next Generation IoT as part of Next Generation Internet

The EU-funded IoT-NGIN introduces novel research and innovation concepts, to establish itself as the “IoT Engine” that will fuel the Next Generation of IoT as a part of the European Next Generation Internet.

Aurora building complex photographed from above.

Open Call for Pilots: Green Urban Mapping

B.Green project launches an open call seeking innovative solutions to map urban plant life. This agile piloting challenge is a step towards collecting comprehensive natural environment data to support the development of more ecologically sustainable urban planning at the City of Helsinki.

Rustiikkisessa kuvassa on annos kalakeittoa kolmessa eri astiassa: kulhossa, kattilassa ja kaatokannussa.

Climate Meal campaign challenges restaurants and their customers to join fight against climate change

The Climate Meal label helps customers to identify meals from the menu that have a smaller-than-average carbon footprint.

Robottibussi ja kaupunkiliikenteen bussi ajavat kadulla peräkanaa

Robot bus pilot launched on bus line 90R in Vuosaari, Helsinki

The aim of the pilot is to improve the accessibility of Aurinkolahti area and drive at higher average speeds than in previous pilots.

Drone lentää taivaalla, kantaa etualalla pientä punaista pakettia, jossa sydäniskuri.Taustalla sinisiä rakennuksia.

Delivery of an automated defibrillator by drone tested in Helsinki

We are testing with Everdrone AB, if the fast delivery of a defibrillator could save human lives in emergency situations.

LiiDi2 – The mobility digital twin paves the way for new services

The LiiDi2 project will create a model for mobility digital twins and develops new methods for data collection.

Nordic Edge – Open Forum: Tools for Urban Innovators

Join the Open Forum on the 23rd of September to hear concrete cases from urban labs and bring your own reflections to table. The programme presents the newly published Tools for Urban Innovators, tried and tested in Helsinki’s urban labs. Welcome!

Delivery of pharmacy products by drone is tested in Helsinki

In the pilot of Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab, drone delivers online pharmacy orders from Lauttasaari area to Jätkäsaari area in Helsinki.

Drone ilmassa, kuljettaa punaista pakettia, kuvattu ilmassa. Alapuolella talojen kattoja, vehreää.

Everdrone chosen to pilot the delivery of an AED defibrillator by drone

Everdrone will pilot the delivery of defibrillator by drone in an imaginary emergency situation. Piloting will take place in September.

Vähähiilisyyttä tukevat dronepalveluratkaisut Etelä-Suomessa

Open call for drone-as-a-service pilot programme – agile pilots

We are looking for solutions that make use of drones in reducing emissions. Submit your tender by 22 August.

sähkökuorma-auto mysmartlife eretrofit kuva ruska tapiovaara

Finland’s first electric truck factory creates jobs and reduces emissions from traffic – Development sped up by MySmartLife and eRetrofit projects

The first electric truck conversion factory in Finland was established in Keuruu. This factory, belonging to Lielahden Autokeskus Oy, converts diesel trucks into electric trucks.

Mies ja nainen osoittavat iPadilla kerrostaloa, ruudulla piirrosnäkymä talosta. Molemmat selin kameraan, valoisaa, kesä.

Five examples of how the Agile piloting model has been adopted in Finland and internationally

The Agile piloting model has been utilised in many ways for urban development. See the examples, how the model has been used and reasons why it works.

Useita erilaisia henkilöautoja liikenneruuhkassa peräkanaa. Kaupunkiympäristö, aurinkoinen päivä.

Future Digital Mobility Management FDMM pilots socially responsible driving routes

How can drivers be helped to avoid congested areas or areas where we want to maintain traffic safety? This is a question tackled by the Future Digital Mobility Management project.

Vesillä valkoinen matala vene, kannella neljä ihmistä, kolme miestä ja nainen, vilkuttavat kameralle. Aurinkoinen päivä, kesä

On demand electric boat to start operating from Merisatama in Helsinki

Island hopping is set to become easier between the islands near Helsinki. You can request a new type of electric boat to take you from anywhere to anywhere along the boat’s route. The electric Callboats boat, which can be called through an application, will start operating in Helsinki from 24 June 2021 onwards.

Logo of CCAM and text 'Forum Virium Helsinki, new member of the CCAM Association

Forum Virium Helsinki joins European mobility association CCAM

Forum Virium Helsinki contributes to European cooperation towards safer and more sustainable transport through automation.

The district of Kalasatama has become known around the globe for its agile pilots – the final report on the Smart Kalasatama project summarises the results of this long-term work 

The Smart Kalasatama project, which began in 2013, drew to a close in June 2021, with the best lessons learned now being carried forward to the Helsinki Innovation Districts  project, focusing on the district of Pasila and the urban renewal areas of Mellunkylä, Malmi, and Malminkartano-Kannelmäki.

Vähähiilisyyttä tukevat dronepalveluratkaisut Etelä-Suomessa

Open call for drone-as-a-service pilot programme – using drones to support emergency medical services

We are looking for a solution to an imaginary emergency situation where an automatic defibrillator is delivered by air. The call for tenders ends on 20 June 2021.

Data facilitates traffic planning in URBANITE project

URBANITE project promotes a long-term sustainable ecosystem model to adopt a data-driven decision making approach in urban mobility planning. Project is funded by European Union Horizon 2020 programme.

Three Nordic Cities piloting solutions to promote Healthy Liveable Neighbourhoods

The Healthy Liveable Neighbourhoods open call focused on green infrastructure and sustainable foodscapes. Three pilots were selected to be run at local urban labs in Helsinki, Vantaa and Stavanger. 

Platform and Cloud Services Specialist Lauri Gates started work at Forum Virium

Platform and Cloud Services Specialist Lauri Gates started working at Forum Virium in April. He will be developing the configuration, administration and user support of various cloud services and platforms in cooperation with the administrative team and other experts.

Open Call for 6Aika Carbon Neutral Tourism data platform

6Aika Carbon Neutral Tourism is seeking data platform service providers through an innovative program in cooperation with Forum Virium Helsinki, Helsinki ELO, Turku and Visit Tampere. The Carbon Neutral Tourism project is requesting quotes for the implementation of the Carbon Neutral Tourism platform solution. Apply by the 8th June 2021!