robottibussi kalasatama 2019

Ride a robot bus to the beach in Helsinki, one of the world’s most active test cities for robot buses

This year, you can get on a self-driving bus in living lab district Kalasatama and on a record-long 2.5 km route in the most eastern district Vuosaari. 

VR Oodi. Kuva: Jussi Hellsten

Save the Date: World Summit on Digital Built Environment 24–25 September

The World Summit on Digital Built Environment is a global event gathering change makers, transformation leaders and champions renewing the whole built environment from private and public sector.

People in Helsinki encouraged to sustainable transport – rewarded with free sauna

The MUV project (Mobility Urban Values) encourages residents to opt for environmentally friendly mobility in an innovative way – by inspiring people to change their behaviour with a game. 

Jätkäsaari Smart Mobility test facilities workshop

Jätkäsaari testbed for testing new mobility services and techologies is developing rapidly. What kind of hopes would your company have for that? In the August 15th workshop companies can think what kinds of solutions in the test area would benefit R&D the most.

Nordic Urban Labs: Wayfinding and beyond

The event joins together the Nordic cities and the Finnish 6AIKA. It’s a sign project to explore how to share the best practices on developing smart wayfinding and better city experience.

autonomous vehicle ITS congress

6 tips to make mobility smart in future cities

Traffic and transport is changing constantly and ever faster. What will cities need in five, ten or twenty years?

Four consortia enter the prototyping and lab testing phase of the FABULOS pre-commercial procurement for self-driving shuttle services

The FABULOS procuring partners have awarded four international consortia with contracts. Based on the results of their feasibility study, each consortium will develop a prototype of a smart system that can operate a fleet of self-driving shuttles in regular public transport. The work starts in June and the prototypes will be tested in lab-type environments during the autumn of 2019.

Helsinki making old buildings smart – aiming at energy-cost savings

Now six housing companies in Helsinki and Vantaa are piloting a simple solution to reduce their energy consuption.

parking airbnb biotope

AirBnB for electric cars

New app coordinated by Aalto University and Forum Virium Helsinki makes life easier for eco-conscious drivers.

Will these emission-free vehicles challenge van deliveries of foodstuffs?

A trial is underway at Helsinki Wholesale Food Market to investigate how groceries for homes and wholesale orders for restaurants could be delivered with cargo bicycles and electric mopeds.

AI4EU – building the European AI on-demand platform

AI4EU unifies Europe’s Artificial Intelligence community and facilitates collective work in AI research, innovation and business in Europe. By sharing AI expertise, knowledge and tools with the Platform, AI4EU will make AI available to all.

New smart mobility experimentations for Jätkäsaari selected

This year, Jätkäsaari will be used to test new kinds of hobby and sports transports, the shared use of cargo bikes, light local logistics and a smart pedestrian crossing.

UIA HOPE – Become a data source for data-driven air quality interventions

Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) is an Initiative of the European Union that provides resources to test new and unproven solutions to address urban challenges. Project name HOPE - Healthy Outdoor Premises for Everyone.


FINEST Twins – €32 million European funding for the creation of a Smart City Research & Innovation Centre of Excellence

Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), FINEST Twins’ coordinator, along with Aalto University, Forum Virium Helsinki and the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, have obtained €15 Millions of funding from the EU Horizon 2020 in addition to €17 million in co-financing earmarked by the Government of Estonia.

Air quality matters – Join the Air Quality Troops!

What kind of air are you breathing? Collect air quality data for your residential area easily and in a fun way – and win film tickets! We’ll provide you with the necessary sensor and instructions. Your efforts will help make Helsinki a clean, pleasant and functional city!

Agile piloting results in informative cooperation between a startup, upper secondary school and its pupils

Last autumn saw the launch of 10 agile pilots in Helsinki’s schools, in which solutions offered by companies are tested in practice to address challenges presented by teachers. One of the participating companies is Work Pilots, which specialises in digital job-seeking.

Quasimodo project

Quasimodo – increasing understanding of air quality to improve well-being

The aim of the Quasimodo project is to improve the indoor air quality of households and create a personalised air quality warning system.

Get Home Safely Project

Get Home Safely with the help of smart lights

The Get Home Safely project is developing a smart lighting system for improving the safety and pleasantness of urban areas under construction.

Want to learn about robot buses and autonomous cars? Attend these FABULOS webinars!

In 2019, six webinar sessions will be organised on robot bus topics introducing basic concepts, specific terminology and technologies commonly encountered in the field of automated mobility.

5 steps to adopt the Enfuser air quality model

The FMI-Enfuser is a novel air quality model developed by the Finnish Meteorological Institute that combines dispersion modelling techniques, information fusion algorithms and statistical approaches. Here are five steps for getting started with modelled air quality data.


Even self-driving electric cars can cause traffic jams – are robot buses the answer?

The popularity of emissions-free bicycling and walking has increased in recent years, but at the same time the numbers of trips made using passenger cars has also continued to rise. Robot buses may end up having a significant impact on the attractiveness of public transport.