SmashHit pääkuva

SmashHit – solving the consumer consent and data security for connected car and Smart City 

SmashHit project contributes to the data economy by creating new and better services by using the data from the connected car.

Helsinki studies the use of e-scooter services for safe and sustainable mobility

The goal is to understand how micro-mobility services are used in the city, and to experiment with how this kind of data could support the development of safe and sustainable mobility.

Open call for smart mobility solutions (Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab)

Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab and Forum Virium Helsinki are seeking innovative mobility solutions through agile piloting. The call is open until 18 August 2020.


New CityHUB local distribution centre for low-emission parcel deliveries opening in Helsinki city centre – lessons learned to be disseminated across Europe

The City of Helsinki’s innovation company Forum Virium and its cooperation partners DB Schenker, Neste, Lehtipiste Oy’s Pakettipiste, A2B and Fiuge are opening a new kind of local parcel distribution centre in Helsinki city centre, by the Baana bicycle corridor.

FABULOS project puts robot buses to the streets

After 1.5 years of developing autonomous shuttle solutions, the FABULOS project now brings robot buses to the streets of Europe. From this spring onwards, three robot bus prototypes will be evaluated in real-life conditions in five European cities.

Water temperature now available online in Helsinki – see the water temperatures at eight popular beaches

You can now check the exact water temperature at eight popular beaches in Helsinki online. Beach sensors produce data online year-round every thirty minutes.


Drones help identifying bird nesting habits in Helsinki

Forum Virium Helsinki and the environmental services of the City of Helsinki will implement drone filming in the summer of 2020.

A great opportunity for air quality innovators, start-ups and scalers

The UIA HOPE project offers businesses and teams a great opportunity to receive coaching and sparring on their presentations for our Air Quality innovation competition.

B.Green project researches new solutions for green infrastructure and associated digital tools for supporting cityplanning.

B.Green project researches new solutions for green infrastructure and associated digital tools for supporting cityplanning. B.Green works to create new procedures and applications in the cityplanning context to implement Green Infrastructure solutions widely.

The CroBoDDIT project combines disruptive ICT technologies and solid waste management

The Cross-Border Dimensions of Disruptive Information Technologies (CroBoDDIT) project promotes the development of significant ICT technologies and their implementation particularly in solid waste management in Finland and Russia

Kuljetustenvälitysalusta OLMap. Kuvissa yrittäjä Sani Saarinen ja lähetti Sampo Koistinen. Kuvaajan nimi mainittava Jussi Hellsten.

Forum Virium Helsinki’s application allows restaurants to offer home deliveries for free

The open delivery platform allows all restaurants to offer home deliveries. The first restaurant to join has had positive experiences with the platform.

AI4Cities Open Market Consultation webinar 28.5.

Welcome to the AI4Cities Open Market Consultation Global Webinar on 28th May. Are you an AI suppliers manufacturer, entrepreneur, startup, expert on climate change? Join us!

Coronavirus is permanently changing working life

Finland is slowly opening up society as the coronavirus crisis eases. There is a lot of uncertainty in these times, but a lot of good is arising as well. Read our CEO's blog about the changes in working life during the coronavirus.

The first FABULOS pilot launched in Helsinki

As part of the FABULOS field testing phase, a fleet of three self-driving vehicles is driving in Helsinki, Finland. The pilot is supported by an on-demand mobile app and a Remote Control Centre for autonomous vehicles. One of the vehicles is a GACHA robotbus with an award winning design.

Drone-as-a-service – autonomous flight piloting programme’s open call

Drone-as-a-service autonomous flight piloting programme’s open call for agile pilots is now on. The procurement is targeted at drone-as-a-service agile pilots that promote the maintenance or development of urban infrastructure. The open call runs until the 17th of May.


How to remotely facilitate a workshop – 5 tips

During the coronavirus period, many people will have to learn new forms of remote work. For Forum Virium Helsinki, developing urban solutions in workshops of several people is a core activity. We quickly learned how to co-create and facilitate remotely, even in a large group.

Automation technology will change Helsinki’s transport system, but how?

The transport sector is currently facing revolutions, that some expect to have impacts of the same magnitude as Henry Ford’s Model T. The drivers of change are the paradigm shift to sharing economy and the electrification and automation of transportation. Is it possible for cities to steer the development?


Eight smooth mobility services piloted in Helsinki – The Last Mile project provided the City with experience in smart mobility services

The rides to football practice proved so effective that the project published a free guide on how to organise them, allowing football clubs to free parents from having to drive their children to practice.

iTrack solution enabling real–time monitoring of the rail network

The iTrack project aims at tackling the problem of rail breaking by offering sensor-based solution for the cities and transport authorities.

Forum Virium henkilöstö 2019

We’re hiring a Project Planner for CroBoDDIT project

We offer you great colleagues, good benefits and a nice working space in the centre of Helsinki.

Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab agile pilots

The first agile pilots of Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab have now been selected. Solutions promoting smooth traffic and sustainable mobility were sought through an open call in December 2019 – February 2020.