Logo of CCAM and text 'Forum Virium Helsinki, new member of the CCAM Association

Forum Virium Helsinki joins European mobility association CCAM

Forum Virium Helsinki contributes to European cooperation towards safer and more sustainable transport through automation.

B2G data sharing in cities: series of workshops

On the initiative of Amsterdam and Florence, both signatories of the Living.in-eu movement, supported by Eurocities and the European Commission, a series of workshops will be organised to reflect on on how cities and regions can further develop Business-to-Government (B2G) data sharing and on opportunities for upscaling data sharing practices across Europe. Register to workshops in June and July to learn more!

Vähähiilisyyttä tukevat dronepalveluratkaisut Etelä-Suomessa

Open call for drone-as-a-service pilot programme – using drones to support emergency medical services

We are looking for a solution to an imaginary emergency situation where an automatic defibrillator is delivered by air. The call for tenders ends on 20 June 2021.

Data facilitates traffic planning in URBANITE project

URBANITE project promotes a long-term sustainable ecosystem model to adopt a data-driven decision making approach in urban mobility planning. Project is funded by European Union Horizon 2020 programme.

Three Nordic Cities piloting solutions to promote Healthy Liveable Neighbourhoods

The Healthy Liveable Neighbourhoods open call focused on green infrastructure and sustainable foodscapes. Three pilots were selected to be run at local urban labs in Helsinki, Vantaa and Stavanger. 

Platform and Cloud Services Specialist Lauri Gates started work at Forum Virium

Platform and Cloud Services Specialist Lauri Gates started working at Forum Virium in April. He will be developing the configuration, administration and user support of various cloud services and platforms in cooperation with the administrative team and other experts.

Open Call for 6Aika Carbon Neutral Tourism data platform

6Aika Carbon Neutral Tourism is seeking data platform service providers through an innovative program in cooperation with Forum Virium Helsinki, Helsinki ELO, Turku and Visit Tampere. The Carbon Neutral Tourism project is requesting quotes for the implementation of the Carbon Neutral Tourism platform solution. Apply by the 8th June 2021!

AiRMOUR_EHang Falcon_in_flight_web

Testing the use of drones in supporting emergency medical services in Helsinki

Electric drones will be tested in the transport of both emergency medical service personnel and treatment devices and supplies in collaboration with Helsinki University Hospital in spring 2023. These pilots are related to the AiRMOUR project that promotes air mobility innovations and seeks new transport methods for the needs of emergency medical services.


The FinEst Twins project is looking for participants for the Mini-Piloting for the years 2021–22. The aim of the Mini-Piloting to improve the urban ecosystem by catalysing innovation from current research to create successful start-up companies.

41 suppliers selected to design artificial intelligence solutions to help cities reach carbon neutrality

The solutions aim to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the six cities and regions involved in the project: Amsterdam (Netherlands), Copenhagen (Denmark), Helsinki (Finland), Île–de–France – Paris Region (France), Stavanger (Norway) and Tallinn (Estonia).


Robot to sweep street dust in Helsinki quietly and without emissions at night

The agile pilot involves testing ways to clean the streets of the residential area in a manner that hinders the residents’ everyday life as little as possible and without emissions in the Jätkäsaari district of Helsinki.

The MaaS interface for water transport makes ticket sales more flexible

Customers, entrepreneurs and the City have all expressed their wishes for more dynamic ticket sales for water transport. The MaaS in Water Transport project is a step towards this goal. In this project, a ticket sales interface for route tickets in water transport is being implemented together with maritime operators.


Kokeilujoukot gets Helsinki residents involved in developing smart solutions of the future

Kokeilujoukot offers Helsinki residents the opportunity to participate in various surveys, workshops and trials.

Urban3 is a new smart city development innovation hub

The new innovation hub Urban3 for built environment and smart city operators was launched at its opening ceremony on 18 March 2021. Operations were gradually initiated in 2020 at Maria 01, the largest startup hub in the Nordic countries. 

Helsinki experimented with data-sharing to study e-scooter use in the city

Helsinki explored new ways of sharing and utilising data about e-scooter use last summer and autumn. The pilot was conducted in cooperation between French company Vianova, micro-mobility operators Voi and Tier, Forum Virium Helsinki, and the City of Helsinki.

Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab – Agile pilots for 2021 selected

The agile pilots of Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab for spring 2021 have been selected. In the call for pilots at the turn of the year, new innovations for smart mobility to be trialled in the West Harbour area of Helsinki were sought.


Winners of the Innovations4Interventions competition announced

Digital solutions that improve the impact of the Healthy Outdoor Premises for Everyone (HOPE) project’s interventions and, consequently, the quality of air, were sought in the Innovations4Interventions (I4I) competition. Four companies were chosen from a total of 15 entries in the competition.


Students trialled the stress management app Chillaa 

General upper secondary school students from Helsinki had the opportunity to test the Chillaa mobile app developed by Adventure Club and provide feedback. Chillaa is an app originally designed for upper stage comprehensive school pupils with the aim of teaching them skills in mind management and social interaction and boosting their self-confidence. 

Logistics Accessibility Data – Better Transport Services With Data

The Logistics Accessibility Data project solves challenges in local distribution by making information on reachability available to all logistics operators in the form of open, standardised data. The concrete objective is to create an operating model for companies to convey last mile delivery data to drivers as open data.

Open Call for Agile Pilots – Healthy Liveable Neighbourhoods

The aim is to find pilots related to planning and establishing new green infrastructure solutions and new local food related business models that help facilitate better urban planning and scalable solutions. The call for pilots is open 3.3.–28.3.2021.

6Aika Carbon Neutral Tourism pilot projects have been selected: Three digital solutions for developing sustainable tourism

The call for pilot projects ended in mid-January and the companies have been selected. Three solutions from Tutkimus- ja Analysointikeskus TAK Oy, Salmi Platform Oy and Positive Impact Finland Oy were selected for the projects.