A sunny view of the Kalasatama towers and the cityscape in Kalasatama.

Co-creating Smart & Green neighbourhoods, blocks and spaces 10th June

Co-creating Smart & Green neighbourhoods, blocks and spaces is an online-event organised by the Helsinki Innovations Districts -programme. Come and join the stream on 10th June to hear fresh insights from the projects.

MyData Conference 21–22 June 2022

MyData Conference 2022 on the 21st and 22nd of June brings together stakeholders representing Business, Legal, Tech and Social perspectives. Organised in Wanha Satama in central Helsinki, the Conference provides 2 days of interactive sessions, networking opportunities and inspirations that will contribute to a more fair and prosperous digital society

ITS European Congress 2022, 30th May to 1st June

The European ITS Congress 2022 takes place in the Centre of Toulouse, from 30 May to 1 June, 2022. The ITS Congresses represent the ultimate showcase of mobility services deployment and are the means for the ITS Community to keep pace with the incredible evolution of the industry.

piirretty drone, robotti ja kuljetusalusta valkoisella pohjalla.

Innovation competition launched: come up with a concept and tackle circularity challenges with technology!

The innovation competition for the AutoMod project combines current megatrends in technology and sustainable development. The first application round for concept-level solutions is open until 10 June.

AI4Cities to test AI for reducing CO2 emissions in European cities – Finnish companies well represented among the selected

AI4Cities has selected the prototypes to be tested in the project cities. Finnish MarshallAI ja Dynniq will pilot a solution which focuses on reducing CO2 emissions in the field of mobility. The solution developed by Eeneman and Metropolia focuses on reductions in the energy sector.

A flea market table and a person holding a furry blanket.

Sustainable sharing – looking for solutions for housing companies

How could we enhance sharing spaces, goods and services in housing blocks? Sustainable sharing pilot programme focuses on digital solutions that promote sharing economy and can be piloted together with housing companies. Applicants will have until 29 April 2022 to participate in the open call.

Raitiovaunu, autoja. Kaupunkinäkymää kadulla

Mobility Lab Helsinki starts operations: Digital twin lays foundation for innovations

Traffic is undergoing a rapid digital transformation, which offers new opportunities to the use of mobility data and combining it with other urban data. Mobility Lab Helsinki supports the sharing, use and combination of data in the development of new services.

Mobility Lab Helsinki is a testbed for smart mobility innovations

Mobility Lab Helsinki focuses on more efficient utilisation of traffic data and the digital twin. It also covers other smart mobility services and technologies.

BEYOND – Big data platform towards strengthening the building and energy market value chain

The BEYOND project develops a reference Big Data Management Platform. On top of this an advanced AI Analytics Toolkit allows the acquisition and utilisation of derivative data, out of a blend of real-life Building data as well as external data sources.

An Overview of Transport Modelling Approaches – A Use Case Study of Helsinki

Transport planning plays a major role in defining the way public resources such as funds and spaces are used. This is also the case in Helsinki, Finland. Transport plans are mainly applied to understand the strategic capacity and consequences of high-level democratic decisions. In other words, they help to evaluate and predict the consequences of decisions made in the context of urban planning.

Senior Safety project tests monitoring systems for the living environments of the elderly

The Senior Safety project is developing and piloting an alarm system that can anticipate dangerous situations in the living environments of older people. The solution combines data from home sensors and a bracelet to predict changes in the person’s wellbeing.

Greener lifestyle with mobile app? Carbon ego tests digital guidance on everyday choices

As part of the EU-funded mySMARTLife project, Forum Virium Helsinki piloted a downloadable mobile app that gently encourages people to make more sustainable and environmentally conscious choices in their everyday lives. Combining service design, digital features, open data and emissions data, the pilot provided interesting insights on how to encourage people towards carbon neutrality.

Aerial photography provides information about the changing urban environment

 A rapidly developing area under construction can be surveyed quickly and flexibly in almost real time through photogrammetric measurements. With materials created with the help of a drone, planning an ever-changing area becomes easier.

Usability on data with data catalogue

As the amount and importance of data is increasing, the usability of data becomes ever more important. Are we able to find, understand and use the data correctly? How can we bring the findings and wisdom of experts as part of the data for the next users? Data catalogue may not solve these problems, but it offers a platform for developing the usability of the data.

REDI SOTE to accelerate utilisation of innovations in social welfare and health care sector

The ‘Resource-wise digital social and health services’ project (REDI SOTE) will make it easier for technology companies and the social welfare and health care sector to meet and implement new services and products.


DOT – Developing digital skills as part of work activities

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced new challenges in regard to how work activities are organised, but also highlighted the potential of remote work activities. The resulting new operating model has also given rise to the need to provide clients and employees with a new kind of learning path for digital skills. 

Joku kävelee talvikengillä oikealta vasemmalle ja kenkien edellä on tähtisymboli merkkaamassa sensoria.

New lighting and sensor pilots begin in Malmi and Malminkartano

Malminkartano will be serving as a testing environment for solar-powered street lights and sensors that collect data on the condition of pedestrian routes. Meanwhile in Malmi, residents will get to control the colours of outdoor lighting this autumn.

Kuljettaja vie isoa lähetystä perille ja katsoo puhelimesta osoitetietoja.

New digital solutions for deliveries in cities – saving time and effort

In city logistics, the final metres are often the slowest and the costliest. In recognition of this, a new pilot starting in Helsinki will have professional drivers collect additional information about entrances and the actual locations of recipients into a shared database accessible to all drivers, saving everyone’s time.

Mies näppäilee pin-koodia näytölle jakelurobotin kyljessä

A robot travelled the equivalent of a marathon in Helsinki, delivering 100 packages to residents

The pilot showed that delivery robots are suited for the urban environment and function well under winter conditions.

Nainen pyörätuolissa tulee ulos Helsingin metrojunasta

DVECE: residents to provide feedback on mobility through the Helsinki 3D model

Residents can give feedback on mobility and traffic arrangements and make them run more smoothly as well as observe vulnerable groups better.

SPOTTED promotes the utilisation of satellite data in city planning

The SPOTTED project pilots solutions based on data captured by sensors and satellite images in Helsinki, Milan and Naples.