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LiiDi2 – The digital twin for mobility paves the way for new services

Artikkelikuva: Project introduction

The (LiiDi2)  – mobility digital twin as an enabler of services project will create a model for mobility digital twins and develop new methods for data collection.

The digital twin for mobility provides a virtual representation of traffic, the infrastructure and conditions. It brings together different sources of information and opens up opportunities for new services and the development of a functional city.


The objective of the LiiDi2 project is to improve cities’ capabilities to react to and meet challenges with changes in mobility and traffic and create the prerequisites for developing mobility innovations. The project will expand the current service offering and improve the level of traffic and transport services for residents and businesses.

This will be accomplished by

  • creating a model for the digital twin of mobility
  • developing and piloting new data collection methods
  • developing and piloting an innovative procurement model
  • creating a dialogue between multiple operators
  • enabling new market potential for businesses in the sector and service
    solutions for cities in the region

Duration, partners and funding

  • The project will run from 2021 to 2023.
  • The total budget is 871,363 euros, of which Forum Virium Helsinki’s share is 588,738 euros.
  • The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council as part of the European Union’s measures implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic (REACT-EU).
  • The project is being carried out by Forum Virium Helsinki and Stara.

The role of Forum Virium Helsinki

Forum Virium Helsinki coordinates the project and implements many of its measures, including the bringing together of the developer network in charge of creating the digital twin for mobility, creation of the traffic data collection and utilisation models, searching for and coordinating data collection pilots as well as communicating the results.

At Forum Virium, the main LiiDi2 contact persons are: 

Project Manager Helmi Tuori
tel.+358 40 617 5333, email:

Senior Specialist Raimo Tengvall
Collaboration and networks
tel.+358 40 629 7744, email:

Technical Specialist Johan Lindqvist
Data sources
tel. +358 50 543 6657, email:

In addition to this, Forum Virium Helsinki supports Stara in developing an innovative acquisition model.

Stara, Project Manager Toni Liikamaa
Innovative procurements
tel. +358 405069704, email:

Benefits for Helsinki

The LiiDi2 project supports the development of the City of Helsinki digital twin and the situational picture of traffic in the city. The primary target group of LiiDi2 consists of companies in Uusimaa.

Project events

During the project period, workshops on defining the digital twin for mobility and networking events will be organised for both companies and City stakeholders. Models for identifying, opening and deploying data sources will be tested in hackathons and pilot calls launched by the project. We will announce future events here when the dates have been set.

The project events and deliverables can be grouped under four main themes: The current status and need assessment, Data sources, Data collecting and Definition & modelling of the Digital Twin of Mobility.



25. – 27.11.2022 Digital Twins Hackathon – Building sustainable futures within the most functional city

Forum Virium Helsinki and Stara co-organised together with Metropolia University of Applied Sciences a Digital Twins -hackathon – Building sustainable futures within the most functional City 25.–27.11.2022. Partnering organisations are Urban Tech Helsinki, KiraHub and companies ABB and Skanska as challenge owners on Metropolia´s challenges.

We have now the winners for our city maintenance and city logistics challenges: we want to thank the teams for their brilliant thinking and good solutions, mentors for their engagement and jury members for just decisions.


LiiDi2 project opened two agile pilot tendering processes to gain insight on the potential of Stara’s mobile maintenance fleet as an IoT platform as well the Urban city environment as an IoT platform.

The pilots are still running. An open demo event was organised on Tue 16.5. The event was recorded and the recording will be published with subtitles later on.


What is the digital twin of mobility, and what is required for its development? Key objectives on this are:

  • Compilation of observations collected in previous work phases together with the business network
  • A model of the digital twin of mobility (DTM)
  • Support for innovative procurement (related to IoT procurements)
  • Requirements for the DTM data ecosystem

The definition work is ongoing, and results will be published in June/July 2023.

13.6.2023 Closing seminar of LiiDi2 project

The closing event of LiiDi2 project will be held on Tue 13.6. at 9-12 as a hybrid (onsite attendance as well as online). The language of the event is mostly Finnish, but a recording will be made with translations. You are warmly welcome! Registration is now open (form in Finnish)

Meet the LiiDi2 experts

There are several contacts at Forum Virium and Stara taking part in the project, who also attend and give presentations at events. Come meet us at these forthcoming events! 

15.–17.11.2022 Smart City Expo World Congress
22.3.–23.3.2023 Väylät ja liikenne
18.4.2023 International Federation of Municipal Engineering (IFME) World Congress
22. – 24.5.2023 ITS European Congress Lisbon 2023 also at Nordic+ booth area, B3
6. – 7.6.2023 Tampere Smart City Expo & Conference

Image: Jussi Hellsten / Helsinki Marketing