LiiDi2 Agile pilots call for tendering now open: apply by 18th January

Artikkelikuva: LiiDi2 Agile pilots call for tendering now open: apply by 18th January

LiiDi2 project has opened two agile pilot related calls for tendering: the first one concentrates on Stara’s mobile fleet as an IoT platform solution and the second one on urban environment assets as IoT platform solution.

For this open call, we are looking for new, innovative IoT solutions. Please familiarise yourself with the call for tenders and send your proposal by January 18th 2023 3pm (EET)

The Agile piloting model is a light and agile way to bring various operators together to innovate, develop and gain experiences on new solutions for the companies and cities. The pilot phase in LiiDi2 agile pilots is due to begin at the beginning of February in Helsinki and last till the end of April.

Important dates:

  • 21.12.2022 Call for tenders opens
  • 5.1.2023     Deadline for questions
  • 11.1.2023   Answers to questions are published
  • 18.1.2023   Deadline for proposals, note: by 3pm EET
  • 27.1.2023   Choices for pilots are published
  • 6.2.2023     Beginning of the pilot phase

You may leave your proposal both in English and in Finnish.

The call for tender -documentation: 

Submit your proposal by 18th January 3pm using these forms:

11.1.2023 The questions and answers received in the requests for tenders have been added to the call for tender folders, see above.

Additional information

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