Ongoing pilots

On this page, you can find the ongoing pilot projects of the City of Helsinki’s innovation company Forum Virium Helsinki.

Pilots are an agile way to further develop the functionality of the city in a real environment. They help collect user feedback from different stakeholders as well as gain an understanding of the functionality and impacts of new services and technologies. Pilots provide the City of Helsinki with experiences of new solutions of the future, which facilitates planning and decision-making. In turn, businesses get to see how the solutions they provide work in real life and how these solutions should be developed further based on the needs of users.

You can find our pilots that are currently underway in Helsinki below.


Kaisantunneli tunnel and FlowCube traffic sensor

Effective management of city traffic depends on accurate real-time data that enables a rapid and effective response to changing traffic situations. Traditional counting methods, such as traffic radars, are unable to provide reliable data on cyclists and pedestrians. The FlowCube is a new type of traffic sensor, covering all forms of mobility, that offers more accurate data on city traffic to support better decision-making and planning.

The Kaisantunneli tunnel, opened in spring 2024, was chosen as the testing area for the pilot. The initial objective of the counter in the tunnel is to measure the number of users and speeds. The two FlowCube traffic sensors placed in the Kaisantunneli tunnel are part of a broader pilot, comprising four devices, that is aimed at studying the travel times of pedestrians and cyclists in the city centre area. The purpose of this pilot by Forum Virium is to assess the accuracy of counting and travel times, as well as the suitability of the devices for winter conditions in Helsinki.

  • The pilot will run from May 2024 to May 2025.
  • The pilot is being carried out by Forum Virium’s Mobility Lab Helsinki project and Technolution.
  • For more information, please contact Project Coordinator Jussi Knuuttila,

Please note! The FlowCube neither identifies individuals nor uses facial recognition. The device also does not record personal data, making it compliant with the European data protection regulations. Watch the video below to see how the FlowCube’s identification method works.

Description of the FlowCube identification method

Photo: Vesa Laitinen