Read our working paper on digital twin for mobility

Artikkelikuva: Read our working paper on digital twin for mobility

The working paper Digital twin for mobility – Concept and baseline study discusses the use of digital twin in mobility, the key data sources and potential use cases in Helsinki.

Cities have developed their digital twins, consisting of geospatial data, information systems and sensor data, for years. In Helsinki, the first 3D modeling experiments were realized in the 1980’s. The project for producing the CityGML model covering the entire city was launched in 2015. 

Recently, the digital twin approach has been introduced in the field of mobility and traffic. Digital twin is a means to combine information from different data sources, enabling better description, analysis and simulation of the urban environment and people’s mobility as part of it. It enables development of better services, both public and private, for citizens.

Forum Virium Helsinki is developing Helsinki’s digital twin for mobility together with the City. As part of this work, we have released an open working paper: Digital twin for mobility – Concept and baseline study

The working paper explains what is meant by the concept. It provides a brief introduction to the approach and outlines its potential applications. It provides a snapshot of where the topical development is going and what the opportunities and barriers for further development are, especially in the context of Helsinki.

The document lists the data providers and data available in the Helsinki region. The data sources regarding the traffic infrastructure, the traffic itself, and conditions are provided. The document serves as a starting point for anyone interested in mobility and traffic related data available. 

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There is no commonly agreed definition for the “digital twin for mobility.” As the topic is constantly evolving, this document should be seen as a starting point for discussing the further development of the digital twin in the domain of traffic and mobility.

The working paper is not a final conclusion on the topic, but rather a starting point for the inventory of data sources, use cases and development needs. It is meant to serve as inspiration and a starting point for discussions about common interests and ideas.

The working paper is part of the Mobility Lab Helsinki project, coordinated by the City of Helsinki and Forum Virium Helsinki, the City’s innovation company. The experiences,

learnings and outputs of the LiiDi2 – Digital Twins enabling mobility innovation project have been used in the preparation.

The working paper will be discussed on November 22th at 9-11.30. The event will take place in the Urban 3 space, in the Maria 01 startup campus. Presentations will be available afterwards. Sign up here.

Also note the Digital Twins for the Built Environment showroom launch on 8th November, in which various actors present their solutions related to digital twins of the built environment. Sign up here

If you have an idea for developing or utilising the digital twin for mobility, or wish to give feedback about the working paper, please contact our experts in the Mobility Lab Helsinki and LiiDi2 projects. By subscribing to our mailing list, you will stay updated about the topical developments and upcoming activities. 

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