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The DISCO project seeks new flexible solutions for urban logistics

Artikkelikuva: Project introduction

The DISCO project develops and tests new solutions for the flexible use of underutilised urban space to address the challenges of urban logistics.


The DISCO project aims to develop and test new solutions for the flexible use of underutilised urban space to address the challenges of urban logistics. The main challenges in urban logistics are the emissions from distribution and the limited space typical of an urban environment.

The DISCO project will run for 3.5 years. In Helsinki, the project will involve the development and piloting of solutions such as local distribution centres, or microhubs, that combine logistics and mobility services, and the search for new smart solutions for more efficient and flexible use of loading areas.

The DISCO project will pilot new solutions in Helsinki, Thessaloniki (GR), Ghent (BEL) and Copenhagen (DEN). The Helsinki pilots will be carried out by the transport company A2B Oy and Rolan Oy, a developer of smart mobility solutions.
The Living Lab activities in Helsinki will be coordinated by Forum Virium Helsinki.

The DISCO project’s development of a local distribution centre will build on the experience gained in the SMUD project. The SMUD project piloted a local distribution station next to the Baana cycling path in central Helsinki. The purpose of the local distribution station was to enable logistics companies to get as close as possible to the city centre and thus make efficient bicycle deliveries.

DISCO will pilot a local distribution station combining mobility and logistics services, with the aim of streamlining the use of low-emission modes of distribution in the city and bringing new services to residents. 

Duration, funding, partners

Project duration: 1 May 2023–31 October 2026.

The project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation funding programme. There are 48 partners involved in the project, and its total budget for the four-year period is approximately EUR 8.9 million. The pilots coordinated by Forum Virium Helsinki will be carried out during the first two years of the project. Forum Virium Helsinki’s share of the total project budget is EUR 524,250.

The project is coordinated by FIT Consulting (IT). In addition to Forum Virium, other partners from Finland include A2B Oy and Rolan Oy.

The role of Forum Virium Helsinki

Forum Virium’s role is to support the piloting in Helsinki: to develop and enable the piloting of a new type of local distribution station concept and coordinate the piloting of new solutions to make street space more flexible for more efficient urban logistics. Forum Virium will cooperate with the project consortium with regard to research collaboration and data collection, in addition to which it will participate in the development of the data communication platform to be built in the project.


DISCO promotes responsibility through more sustainable and streamlined urban logistics and resident inclusion. The project supports the Helsinki City Logistics Action Plan and contributes to the transition towards low-emission urban logistics.

Benefits for Helsinki

The pilots in Helsinki will provide information on topics such as the potential of multifunctional local distribution stations and their suitability for the urban environment. The project will also promote the introduction of new kinds of solutions that enable more efficient use of street space for urban logistics.

The project’s measures will promote the transition towards smoother and lower-emission urban logistics. In addition to this, the project’s pilots will be carried out with the residents in mind and will provide them with better logistics and mobility services.

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