Share information and improve your urban environment – Download the City Feedback App

Artikkelikuva: Share information and improve your urban environment – Download the City Feedback App

The City Feedback App allows you to give feedback to the City and share your experiences when moving about in Helsinki. Download the app and start sharing your insights!

The City Feedback App is an information sharing channel for everyone moving about in Helsinki. Once downloaded, it can be used to give and browse feedback to and about the city. Submitted messages can be viewed by anyone who downloads the app, and users who log in can also submit their own messages. 

The app is based on the idea that the people moving about in the city are the first to notice things that need fixing or do not work. As such, the app can be used to submit feedback about things like waste bins, fallen signs, broken benches or insufficient traffic control. 

Some of the submitted messages are relayed to the City of Helsinki’s feedback systems. Users can see when their feedback is processed and when the issues that they raised have been addressed.

Feedback that is not processed in the above-mentioned manner stays within the user community as shared information. Users can also submit recommendations and other observations by using the app.

The City Feedback App is a secure application that complies with the General Data Protection Regulation and MyData principles. Users are told openly and transparently what kind of data is collected and shared and for what purpose. Users can also withdraw their data processing consent at any time. 

The City Feedback App was developed by InfoTripla as part of the SmashHit project. The project contributes to the data economy by creating new and better services, sharing data securely and streamlining consent practices for data sharing. Helsinki’s part in the project focuses on smart mobility pilots, in which solutions are developed in accordance with MyData principles. 

The testing of the app began in April 2022, and its development continues based on user feedback. The app is currently available for Android phones – download it from the Google Play store and start making a difference in your area! 

Please note! If you have questions about using the app, please contact:

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