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SmashHit project developed consumer consent and data security for connected car and Smart City 

Artikkelikuva: Project introduction

SmashHit project contributed to the data economy by creating new and better services by using the data from the connected car. The aim was to assure a trusted and secure sharing of data streams from both personal and industrial platforms which are needed to build sectoral and cross-sectoral services, solve the consumer consent and create fair rules to data exchange. In Helsinki, new solutions for consumer consent and secure data sharing were tested in smart mobility.


The objective of SmashHit project (Smart Dispatcher for Secure and Controlled Sharing of Distributed Personal and Industrial Data) was to assure a trusted and secure sharing of data streams from both personal and industrial platforms which are needed to build sectoral and cross-sectoral services. 

The SmashHit project aimed to overcome obstacles in the rapidly growing Data Economy which is characterised by all sorts of various diverse technical designs and proprietary implementations. A Smart Data Dispatcher assured common consent over data shared using semantic models of consent and legal rules.The new tools included traceability of use of data, data fingerprinting and automatic contracting among the data owners, data providers, service providers and volumes on data streaming from the usage of mass products with cyber physical features (e.g. vehicles).

The main focus in SmashHit was on insurance markets and smart traffic solutions. Vehicle data was used  to encourage consumers to the secure sharing of data and promote usage based insurance models. Within the smart mobility solutions were tested and created in order to optimize mobility flows, offer more accurate and real-time data about the city traffic and contribute to the creation of new innovative smart mobility services. Both cases dealed with data coming from personal and industrial platforms hence secure solutions were sought for in order to increase the consumer trust in secure sharing of data. 

Duration, financing and partners

  • Project duration: 1.1.2020–31.12.2022.
  • Funding: Horizon2020 Innovation Action, overall budget total 6,9 M€.
  • Co-ordinator: ATB Bremen (Institut für angewandte Systemtechnik Bremen GmbH).
  • Research partners: Leibniz Universität Hannover, University of Innsbruck, University of Bonn.
  • Business partners: LexisNexis RiskSolutions, Volkswagen AG, X/Open Company Limited, ATOS Spain, Infotripla Oy, Forum Virium Helsinki Oy.

Role of Forum Virium Helsinki

Forum Virium Helsinki led the Smart City Business Case which built on the consent-based data collection from the vehicle and from other traffic data sources with the aim of optimizing mobility flows, offering more accurate and real-time data about the city traffic and contributing to the creation of new innovative smart mobility services. 

The role of Forum Virium Helsinki was to ensure data sharing according to the MyData principles. Helsinki pilot tested with the end-users how the data from the vehicle can be used in the traffic management and planning as well as how the citizens can be involved in both producing, sharing and benefiting from the data by receiving relevant information e.g. from the traffic and possible other services. At the same time the pilot tested the consumer consent and data security for the connected car in smart city. Pilots took place in the Jätkäsaari area where the Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab provided an excellent context to test traffic data solutions in a real smart city context. 

Benefits to Helsinki

SmashHit project supported the City of Helsinki Data Strategy. SmashHit project provided more accurate and real-time data about the city traffic which enabled more fluent traffic flows as well as better traffic management and planning. The project involved citizens in producing the traffic data and benefiting from sharing of the data in the form of better services. 

SmashHit project pilots provided valuable experience of creating common and fair rules for secure data sharing coming for the different platforms and testing the consumer consent in smart city context. City of Helsinki benefited from the project experiences. Now the city may scale the tested solutions and create better services for its citizens. 

Main achievements

These four data innovations were developed in the SmashHit project

1. City feedback application

Developed together with Infotripla, the city feedback application allows feedback to be sent to the City of Helsinki feedback system. The application can be used to report repair needs to the City and recommend different places, for example. Approximately 300 Helsinki residents tested the application in autumn 2022. The application operates based on the MyData principle, which means that data sharing is secure and based on the user’s choices.

2. Tool for the terms of use of data

The SmashHit project created a design tool that makes it easier for users to be informed of the terms of use of services that make use of personal data. The objective is to achieve ‘informed consent’, which means ensuring that the users of data services understand what they are consenting to.

The tool is called the Privacy Design Canvas, and it makes it easy to design the process for obtaining permission to use data. It is probable that obtaining permission to use data will be emphasised in the future, as will users’ right to their own data. The Canvas and its user instructions are available for download for all developers of data services on the Forum Virium Helsinki website.

3. Volkswagen’s forward collision warning system for cars

The German automotive giant Volkswagen tested a new forward collision warning solution in the SmashHit project in Helsinki. The system warns drivers of pedestrians coming from around the corner, for example. Volkswagen made use of the opportunity provided by the City of Helsinki to test and pilot innovations in an authentic city environment with actual residents.

4. Innovation concept

SmashHit project released a Public Innovation Concept report. The document comprises the smashHit innovation concept as a whole, leading from today’s constraints in consent/contract processes to how smashHit will face those challenges with its innovative trusted and secure system concept in order to develop innovative data-based services.

Further information

SmashHit website:

SmashHit on Twitter: @SmashhitP