Robots put to the test: collecting waste containers and cleaning walls

Artikkelikuva: Robots put to the test: collecting waste containers and cleaning walls

Two robots will be piloted in the Helsinki region during spring 2023. One will clean unwanted graffiti off the walls and the other will empty waste containers. The pilots are part of the AutoMod project and were selected from the Practical Prototypes innovation competition.

Robotics can make many tasks easier in the near future, such as freeing people from repetitive work or enabling tasks that require machines to be performed independently. The AutoMod – Autonomous and Modular Utility Vehicle concepts in CE project explores the types of circular economy tasks that robots could perform. 

Two prototypes were selected for piloting in the Practical Prototypes innovation competition in late 2022. Dimalog Oy provides a wall-cleaning robot for the pilot. CONTAI’s solution helps to collect waste containers from challenging locations. Both robots can be transported on a platform, a kind of robot carpool. The AutoMod project has developed a mobile platform that could be used to transport different kinds of autonomous utility robots close to where they are needed to perform their tasks.

The pilots will investigate what kind of tasks the autonomous utility robots could be used for and what is required to operate them from the platform. The prototypes will be refined in early 2023 and pilot demonstrations will take place in Helsinki and Espoo during the spring. Read more about both prototypes on the website of the AutoMod project.

The AutoMod project is piloting utility and service robots to respond to the circular economy challenges of smart cities, and a platform to transport them. The objective is to create a new kind of business ecosystem where utility and service robots transported on mobile platforms can solve circular economy challenges in smart cities. 

Main photo of the article: Seppo Narinen 

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