First test period to begin: feedback on the urban environment in Helsinki

Artikkelikuva: First test period to begin: feedback on the urban environment in Helsinki

Rubbish bin full? Bike road blocked? Children’s playground a mess? The City Feedback App allows you to report any observations, and the information is passed on to the competent authorities and other application users. Application testing will begin with Kokeilujoukot and MyData experts in April 2022 using Android phones.

The feedback on traffic and the urban environment provided with the help of the City Feedback App, developed by InfoTripla, is provided directly and safely to the parties responsible for processing feedback. Some of the observations shared by users remain within the user community.

The primary objective of the feedback application is to increase the participation and trust of urban residents in the sharing of information. The City Feedback App therefore encourages city residents to act as active data providers and influence their own environment! 

The feedback provided through the application is passed on to the parties responsible for processing feedback, using e.g. the City of Helsinki Issue Reporting API. The API complies with the international Open311 standard.

Observations and feedback for the city and for other citizens

The feedback passed on to the City’s feedback systems is published open data depending on the organisation. In addition, all moderated feedback can be viewed publicly in the City Feedback App application map view. Application users will also be able to see the status of the feedback forwarded to processing and the comments provided by the processing parties.

Feedback will benefit urban and transport research by means of crowdsourced data collection.

The application makes use of the information provided by the user in a secure manner and in accordance with the EU Data Protection Regulation. The granting of permits for the use of data is as seamless and user-friendly as possible. 

In addition to feedback on the City, users are asked to provide their opinion on the application itself so that it can be developed in the direction requested by the residents.

In early summer, a version of the application will be published that has been modified on the basis of initial experiences and that will be available for testing by all urban residents.

Please note! If you have questions about using the app, please contact:

The pilot was motivated by the SmashHit project to promote a secure data economy

The SmashHit project is part of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The project is coordinated internationally by the ATB research institute in Bremen. Ten partners from five countries participate in the project. 

The SmashHit project aims to contribute to the data economy by creating new and better services using data. The aim is to provide a reliable and safe way of sharing information from different sources and platforms, streamline permit practices for data sharing and agree on fair rules for data sharing between both private and business operators. 

As far as Helsinki is concerned, the project will focus on intelligent traffic experiments aimed at promoting solutions related to information sharing and authorisation practices in accordance with the MyData principles. 

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