Forum Virium Helsinki published in June an open call for companies for a pilot testing drone-solutions in the field of emergency medical services. Everdrone AB was chosen as the service provider for the pilot. Everdrone will pilot the delivery of an AED defibrillator by drone in Helsinki in September 2021. As a part of the pilot, information and data is gathered about how a drone could accelerate the start of the life-saving measures. Also, the CO2 emissions of the drone-delivery compared to other modes of transport will be looked at.

The pilot is a part of the ‘Carbon neutral drone service solutions in Southern Finland’ project piloting and promoting carbon neutral drone services. At the same time, the project wants to develop new business models for the needs of various industries. The project is funded from the European Regional Development Fund and the project ends at the end of 2021.

Photo: Everdrone

Further information

Suvi Vähä-Sipilä

Project Manager

Mobile: +358 40 053 2686

Eetu Ryynänen

Project Planner

Mobile: +358 040 653 9955

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