Data Catalog for smart mobility to support the development of new services

Artikkelikuva: Data Catalog for smart mobility to support the development of new services

The Data Catalog published by Mobility Lab Helsinki compiles data materials relevant from the perspective of the Digital Twin for Mobility, such as traffic and mobility data, condition and context data and street infrastructure data.

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The Data Catalog, produced in our Mobility Lab Helsinki project, is an intermediary service featuring a wide variety of data sources, the contents of which are constantly complemented. The Catalog compiles both open and paid data, such as public data materials, data generated in pilots by Forum Virium Helsinki and data materials produced by businesses. Businesses and public operators can add their own data materials to the Data Catalog, gaining visibility for their own services.

Continuity for business activities from the Data Catalog

Project pilots begin but also end quickly. The Data Catalog provides businesses and business activities with value, continuity and support for the post-trial period. The data materials generated in trials also serve as a showcase for the businesses’ services and new innovative solutions. 

“The Data Catalog enables businesses, research institutions and other operators to share information and cooperation opportunities. This encourages the development of new solutions, as different parties are able to utilise each other’s data and know-how,” explains Project Coordinator Jussi Knuuttila from Mobility Lab Helsinki.

“The materials selected for the Data Catalog are related to each other and combinable, as our aim has been to take into account the needs of developers in the development of new solutions. We also want to provide trials utilising the Data Catalog with visibility and continuity,” Knuuttila continues.

Utilise or complement the Data Catalog

Our aim is to learn what kinds of materials and data field descriptions and what kind of a catalogue structure would best serve both businesses and the development of the service. As such, we encourage you to contact us if you need information or have wishes regarding materials.

The Data Catalog will be complemented with new data sources over the course of 2023, so we recommend that you examine it on a regular basis. We also provide our newsletter subscribers with information about events and workshops related to the development of the Data Catalog.

Mobility Lab Helsinki

Mobility Lab Helsinki is a joint project of Forum Virium Helsinki and Business Helsinki. The project provides businesses with an opportunity to develop new solutions in genuine urban environments together with the City of Helsinki, businesses, research operators and Helsinki residents. 

Mobility Lab Helsinki promotes the creation of new mobility services. In particular, the project focuses on more efficient utilisation of data and the digital twin, as well as improving the usability and accessibility of data materials. To support this, the project operators have created the Mobility Data Catalog, which compiles mobility and traffic data sources.

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Additional information

Project Manager Jussi Tuurnala

Jussi Tuurnala
Project Manager
+358 50 588 0352

Project Manager Jussi Knuuttila

Jussi Knuuttila
Project Manager
+358 40 671 4200

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