Winners of the open call to work on the digital twin for mobility in Helsinki

Artikkelikuva: Winners of the open call to work on the digital twin for mobility in Helsinki

Mobility Lab Helsinki has selected three companies for trials which will continue the development of the digital twin of mobility in Helsinki.

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In the open call, the Mobility Lab Helsinki project by Forum Virium and Business Helsinki sought solutions for the development work of the digital twin of mobility in Helsinki, including using AI for the identification and classification of street traffic conditions or equipment, combining existing location information as new materials, and developing automated classification for laser scanning point clouds.

A total of ten offers were received. The total budget of the procurement was up to EUR 45,000.

‘We received several high-quality offers. The three operators selected stood out with their new and innovative ideas. These companies develop new methods and practices for the collection, combination, and utilisation of data. It is also interesting that the contents of the trials of these companies complete each other, allowing cooperation during the trial,’ says project coordinator Jussi Knuuttila from Forum Virium Helsinki.

Companies selected for implementation

  •     Gispo Oy: Trial: Integration of 3D materials to QGIS
  •     Webion Oy: CitySight – Street Level
  •     Sitowise Oy: Agile pilots for the development of a digital twin for mobility

The costs for each trial selected for implementation are 15,000 euros.

Gispo Oy aims to increase the usability potential of the city’s 3D materials by making them available to a larger user group within the city organisation.

Webion Oy participates with the intention of developing the measurement of the urban space. In the future, the technologies used in the trial may produce measurements of urban space which promote the development of digital twins of cities and their maintenance. For example, the trial refines street-level image materials using artificial intelligence.

Sitowise Oy develops a new and easily scalable method for the automated analysation and classification of materials from various data sources within the traffic infrastructure using commercial tools and AI algorithms.

Forum Virium Helsinki congratulates the winning companies! The trials will last until the beginning of April, and their results will be demonstrated at the closing event before Easter.

Photo: Juha Valkeajoki / Sherpa

The Mobility Lab Helsinki project supports the experimentation of new traffic services and technologies in actual urban environments together with companies, the City, research facilities, and residents. The project is carried out by Forum Virium Helsinki and Business Helsinki.

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Additional information

Jussi Tuurnala Jussi Tuurnala

Jussi Tuurnala
Project Manager
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Jussi Knuuttila Jussi Knuuttila

Jussi Knuuttila
Project Coordinator
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