Urbanflow enters the Best of Year 2011 -competition

Artikkelikuva: Urbanflow enters the Best of Year 2011 -competition

The Urbanflow concept has been selected to participate in the The Best of the Year 2011 competition. The concept aims at envisioning how digital urban screens in the Helsinki area could act as interactive municipal interfaces and data distributors in a greater scale than today. The City of Helsinki and Forum Virium Helsinki contracted Nordkapp for the concept creation.

The Best of the Year 2011, organised by Grafia ry., is an annual competition for marketing communications and advertising. By deadline, the competition had received 1.080 entries, of which 192 were selected for the Shortlist.

The competition has 16 categories altogether. Urbanflow competes in two of them: service design and digital design.

The entries for the shortlist were selected by a professional jury of 65 people, piloted by head judge Anu Igoni.  The jurors represent a vast community of creative professionals from art directors to graphic designers, digital designers, service designers and creative managers.

The award gala will be held in Dipoli, Espoo, on May 24th, when a total of 63 awards – 13 Golden and 50 Silver Awards  – will be announced.

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