300,000 euros funding available in the SynchroniCity project for scaling your IoT solution

Artikkelikuva: 300,000 euros funding available in the SynchroniCity project for scaling your IoT solution

SynchroniCity is holding an open funding call for small and medium companies seeking to test smart city solutions using IoT technology and to scale them to suit new markets. The solutions may already be on the market or close to being commercialised. The funding is worth 100,000–300,000 euros, depending on the number of companies participating in the pilot project. Companies can submit funding applications until 30th of September 2018. The pilots will be implemented between February and September 2019.

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions offer plenty of opportunities to make the everyday functions of cities and residents smoother. The SynchroniCity project aims to promote the international IoT markets for which companies can develop digital solutions.

We are seeking IoT solutions for urban life, from transport to environmental monitoring

The categories for the IoT solutions we are seeking are Sustainable Mobility, Environment & Wellbeing, and Citizen Engagement. The fourth category is an open category.

The selected solutions will be piloted for approximately six months. The pilots will be implemented in at least two cities during the project. One of the cities needs to be partner city for the project. The partners cities are Antwerp, Carouge, Eindhoven, Helsinki, Manchester, Milan, Porto and Santander.

Forum Virium Helsinki is in charge of the project in Helsinki. Forum Virium participates actively in the development of the market for smart urban services, for example in the form of funding. Helsinki is an excellent location for piloting IoT solutions.  Companies can use the LoRaWAN network of the Environmental Services Authority and the various open databases, among others. Public transport solutions can be piloted in the VTT living lab buses, for example.

Apply by 30th of September!

Read more about SynchroniCity’s open call and leave your application on the project website.

If you need assistance, please contact Kaisa Sibelius tel. +358 40 570 1317 and kaisa.sibelius(at)forumvirium.fi. You are also very welcome to join the SyncroniCity breakfast for more info on 13th of September at 9–10 h.

SynchroniCity is a joint project of 39 organisations, including cities, companies, organisations and research centres. The total budget of the project is 20 million euros. The project will be implemented in 2017–2019, and it is a part of the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission.

Forum Virium Helsinki is the innovation unit of the City of Helsinki, which aims to build Helsinki into the most functional smart city in the world in collaboration with companies, the scientific community and residents. Follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter!.

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Kaisa Sibelius

puh. +358 40 570 1317

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