Linked Events – Towards more consistent event information

Artikkelikuva: Linked Events – Towards more consistent event information

There is always something happening in the city: from the Helsinki Day to running events and theatre performances. The Linked Events project makes it easier to navigate the maze of event information. It enables the information to be shared via an open data interface, which everyone can search and utilize free of charge.

 There is a wide variety of events in the city happening each day. These events are organised by many different stakeholders ranging from the city organisation to companies and private individuals alike. Up until now, the event calendars have been updated without shared information. The information has been fragmented and scattered in different places, making it difficult to find. The same event may be included in several databases, even with conflicting information. Searching through several sources has been time consuming enough, even without having to confirm the accuracy of the information.

 All stakeholders would benefit from a shared database that collects event information in a single place. The Linked Events project drives more consistent data distribution in order to reduce overlapping work and the maintenance of parallel databases. At the same time, this will ensure that event information is both accurate and up to date.

An open event interface

 In the Linked Events interface, the data format of events has been standardised and information is shared as open data. The interface provides a gateway through which anyone can search and utilize event information for free. Consequently, another aim of the project is to enable new forms of business by, for example, making it easier to develop different applications based on the data.

 The Linked Events interface can be found online at It includes event data from the City of Helsinki Cultural Office, Helsinki Tourist Information as well as the Helmet library service. The location data has been linked to the City of Helsinki Service Map. The map provides, for instance, accessibility information for events. 

A database to bring events together

The Linked Events project standardizes event information and drives its consistent distribution together with different stakeholders. The information is available as open data and via open API, which enables anyone to use it anytime, free of charge.

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