This is how Helsinki fared in the 2021 Smart City ranking

Artikkelikuva: This is how Helsinki fared in the 2021 Smart City ranking

We looked into how Helsinki fared in the Smart City comparison last year. Helsinki had the world’s best working life balance, and the Helsinki region was the second most innovative region in Europe.

1. Helsinki has the world’s best work-life balance

Helsinki has the world’s best balance between work and leisure time, as indicated by the 2021 comparison by Kisi. Oslo, Zürich, Stockholm and Copenhagen came close behind.

2. The Helsinki region was ranked Europe’s second most innovative

The Helsinki and Uusimaa region placed second in the ranking for most innovative areas in the EU in the Innovation scorecard comparison by the European Commission. The Stockholm area in Sweden took first place. Denmark, Germany and Switzerland were also ranked in the top five.

3. Helsinki was the world’s sixth best smart city

The world’s most important smart city comparison is the Singapore Index by IMD. In 2021, Helsinki placed sixth. This meant that Helsinki dropped a few places, as Helsinki took second place the previous year. Helsinki is praised for the fact that the whole city is a development platform for innovation and the City develops innovations in cooperation with companies, research institutes and residents.

4. Finland is the world’s seventh most innovative country

In 2021, Finland placed seventh in the Global Innovation Index. The report focused on resilience against the COVID-19 crisis and indicators concerning the national economy as well as innovation funding.

5. The world’s happiest country is Finland

For the fifth time, Finland was rated the world’s happiest country in the World Happiness Report. Finland was followed by Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland and the Netherlands. The study is based on global polls and the combination of statistical indicators in different countries. The countries that managed the COVID-19 epidemic well, in particular, succeeded. 

Photo: Vesa Laitinen.

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