The European Commission acknowledged Forum Virium Helsinki’s public procurement tool as a leading innovation

Artikkelikuva: The European Commission acknowledged Forum Virium Helsinki’s public procurement tool as a leading innovation

Forum Virium Helsinki has developed an easy-to-use tool for evaluating proposals. The tool helps with evaluating a big number of proposals and lowers the risk of making mistakes.

Forum Virium Helsinki has developed an online assessment tool and process for public procurement. The tool and process are clear, comprehensive, replicable and easy to adjust for different kinds of procurements. The purpose of the tool is to make evaluation and comparison of proposals easy and agile. It includes graphic coverage which gives a visual overview quickly. 

The European Commission’s Innovation Radar team has now selected the tool among the cutting-edge EU-funded innovations. According to their analysis, the market creation potential of the tool is noteworthy. The European Commission has gathered all the best innovations on the platform at The platform builds on the data gathered by independent experts involved in reviewing ongoing research and innovation projects funded by the Commission. 

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The experts at Forum Virium built the tool

Forum Virium Helsinki has developed and utilised the tool in the AI4Cities project.
‘The AI4Cities procurement process had three stages. The evaluation criteria and the group of the evaluators changed from stage to stage. We had need for a tool that allows quick and light access for the variable number of evaluators in different stages of the procurement process. Because the tool was easy to adopt, it lowered the evaluators’ hesitation to join the cause,’ says Project Manager Kaisa Sibelius from Forum Virium Helsinki.

Sibelius says that the number of the proposals was massive in the first phase, and the project team could not handle the evaluation with Excel sheets as planned. The risk of mistakes was too great with dozens of people using the same table. 

‘We could not find any suitable ready-made tool to fulfil our needs. Luckily, we had in-house expertise to build the service in an agile way. The tool is still in development mode and Forum Virium Helsinki has not yet decided on how to proceed with it. But it definitely has potential to become a standard,’ Sibelius concludes.

Among Forum Virium Helsinki’s ongoing projects, SmashHIT project is also included in the Innovation Radar platform.

The Horizon 2020 funded AI4Cities project is looking for solutions to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in cities. The project has completed a process during which companies have proceeded from designing prototypes to the piloting phase. The best candidates have been selected from each phase, and seven companies entered the testing phase. Nearly a hundred tenders were submitted by companies across Europe in the first open call.

This summer, the project has conducted pilots in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Paris, Stavanger and Tallinn. It allocated a total of EUR 1.45 million for the pilots.

See the Forum Virium Helsinki’s Application Evaluator

Photo: One of the AI4Cities pilots in Helsinki takes place at Kaisaniemi School. Photo by Vesa Laitinen.

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