Smart, Agile Piloting in Kalasatama

Artikkelikuva: Smart, Agile Piloting in Kalasatama

A smart city is built together. Smart Kalasatama’s Programme for Agile Piloting is buying small pilots that provide new innovative services for people living in the Kalasatama area. Now it’s time to offer your pilot to the first round of the programme! The first pilots should take place during the spring 2016.

Smart Kalasatama’s Programme for Agile piloting aims to accelerate ideas to service innovations and reach users in a real life setting.

The first round

The first round of Programme for Agile Piloting is open until October 30th 2015. The themes are: new ways to use and share urban spaces and resource-wise energy behaviour.

At this stage, 3-5 pilots are chosen to participate in the programme. The overall sum of purchases will be maximum of 30 000 euros (covering all the pilots).

Who can offer a pilot?

SME’s, start-ups, bigger companies, registered associations or university groups – we welcome all offers from registered actors. The pilots may also have funding from other sources.

What kind of pilots?

We are looking for agile pilots  that take place during 1-6 months during the spring 2016. The pilots need to provide a service experience to the citizens.

The criteria for evaluation is as follows:

The first round of offers closes on the 30th of October 2015. By the 25th of November, we will announce which pilots are chosen to the programme. The offers are evaluated by a jury of experts.

Next rounds

Next round of the Programme for Agile Piloting will open in February 2016 under the theme health and wellbeing.  By 2017, the aim is to procure 9-20 pilots altogether.

Smart Kalasatama project funding

In 2015–2017, the Smart Kalasatama project is funded by the 6Aika Six City Strategy (European Regional Development Fund via the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council), the City of Helsinki and the Ministry of Employment and the Economy. Smart Kalasatama programme is coordinated by Forum Virium Helsinki.

Further information


Kaisa Spilling
Forum Virium Helsinki
+358 40 7448831

Twitter: @fiksukalasatama #fiksukalasatama, #smartkalasatama
Instagram: @fiksukalasatama #fiksukalasatama, #smartkalasatama
Photo: Jussi Hellsten, Visit Helsinki

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