Contracts Awarded for the Third and Final Phase of SELECT for Cities Pre-Commercial Procurement

Artikkelikuva: Contracts Awarded for the Third and Final Phase of SELECT for Cities Pre-Commercial Procurement

SELECT for Cities is pleased to announce that three contractors have been awarded contracts to start the third and final phase of its Pre-commercial Procurement (PCP).

SELECT for Cities started its pre-commercial procurement (PCP) to obtain R&D services to develop and build large-scale, city-wide, Internet-of-everything platforms to facilitate collaboration and open innovation.

The process is highly competitive, and during the previous Phase II five companies produced platform prototypes which used open standards to visualise and analyse city data to generate actionable intelligence. All of the five were invited to bid for Phase III during which the innovative platforms will be tested in real-life settings in Helsinki, Finland and Antwerp, Belgium.

The awarded bidders are:

  • Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A., Italy with CityEnabler
  • Indra Soluciones Tecnologías de la Informacion S.L.U., Spain with Minsait
  • University of Florence – Department of Information Engineering, Italy with Snap4Cities

The third phase of the execution stage is expected to end in December 2019.

“The three Contractors entering phase III all have very strong solutions” said Hugo Goncalves, of Forum Virium Helsinki, the project lead for SELECT for Cities.

“SELECT for Cities is very proud to play a significant role in accelerating their development and is looking forward to seeing their impact in the city test beds over the next year”.

This Pre-Commercial Procurement, the first one in the world to focus on the Internet-of-Everything is a multi-country and multi-partner joint effort, implemented by a consortium composed of several partners of Forum Virium Helsinki (Finland) as project lead, Digipolis (Belgium) as partner and lead procurer, Antwerp (Belgium) as procuring entity with Copenhagen (Denmark), imec (Belgium) and 21c (UK). The project is supported by the European Commission through its H2020 programme.

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