Toilet seat weighing scale piloted as means of remote weight monitoring

Artikkelikuva: Toilet seat weighing scale piloted as means of remote weight monitoring

Solutions are needed to facilitate the weighing and weight monitoring of older people without the need for a nurse to be present. In spring 2023, a solution for remote weight monitoring connected to a toilet seat is being tested in two service homes.

In the healthcare and social welfare sector, clients’ weight fluctuations need to be monitored from time to time. This can be due to factors such as the effects of illness and the prevention of possible acute situations. Weight monitoring is particularly common in the care of older people, but it also takes up a lot of working time because of the slowness of the weighing process. Therefore, there is a need for solutions for remote weight monitoring. 

In spring 2023, one service home and one senior centre in Helsinki are piloting a remote monitoring solution developed by Hoivita that combines going to the toilet and weighing, and reports the weight to professionals. This data accumulates over a long period of time, making it easy for nursing staff to track the changes.

The technology uses a sensor that can be installed in a couple of minutes. There is no need to connect to the network – the analysis starts immediately.

“We now have the opportunity to test the solution in a real environment and talk to nursing professionals about their needs,” says Henry Hiltunen, Chief Engineer at Hoivita. 

The company’s aim is for the implementation to measure weight changes accurately, allowing even small fluctuations to be monitored.

Technology and digitalisation for nursing

The remote weight monitoring is being piloted as part of the Resource-wise digital social and health services project (REDI SOTE), which will make it easier for technology companies and the healthcare and social welfare sector to meet and implement new services and products.

“This pilot is a good example of how co-creation can create targeted solutions to the city’s needs and make businesses more attractive at the same time,” says the project’s project manager Peeter Lange.  

“City residents will also benefit, as they will no longer have to go to the health centre to have themselves weighed in the future. Instead, their weight data will be sent to their doctor in the course of their everyday lives.”

Hoivita creates remote monitoring solutions for providers of home care, health and wellbeing services for older people to help them live at home for as long as possible and ensure safe living both at home and in service homes. 

Photo: City of Helsinki material bank / Laura Oja

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