Shape the future of your city: Join the CommuniCity Open Call

Artikkelikuva: Shape the future of your city: Join the CommuniCity Open Call

Does your city or NGO struggle with social or urban challenges? Join the upcoming open call and let the CommuniCity Consortium help you tackle these pressing challenges by utilising innovative technologies. The third CommuniCity Open Call will be launched on 10 September 2024 and it seeks technology-driven solutions to bridge the digital divide and enhance the well-being of marginalised communities.

Building upon the success of the previous rounds, the third CommuniCity Open Call expands its reach by inviting participants from cities and NGOs across Europe. While the initial rounds of open calls focused on a relatively small group of participating cities, this final CommuniCity Open Call fosters a broader and more inclusive initiative. Therefore the CommuniCity consortium calls for NGOs and new cities to present novel challenges and join the open call as “challenge owners”.

Unlock innovation potential!

The CommuniCity Open Call presents a compelling opportunity for European cities to address pressing social and economic challenges while encouraging digital inclusion. Through a unique collaboration between city representatives, professionals, residents and technology providers, the project fosters the development and co-creation of innovative solutions tailored to each city’s specific needs. 

Participating cities gain valuable insights into supporting marginalised communities and improving the services provided by the cities. Additionally, the participating cities have the chance to replicate best practices identified in previous open call rounds, accelerating progress towards more inclusive and resilient cities. 

Ready to tackle challenges in your city? 

The CommuniCity Consortium warmly welcomes new cities to participate in the upcoming Open Call and is eager to collaborate on tackling urban challenges. Beyond cross-European networks, participating cities and NGOs gain valuable expertise in co-creation methodologies as well as future technologies including Artificial Intelligence. Additionally, the participating cities are supported with step-by-step guidance for successful agile piloting, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. 

Throughout the open call phases, dedicated digital tools and support activities are offered to participating cities, ensuring a seamless and effective piloting process. This includes bi-weekly meetings hosted by the CommuniCity project, along with tailored support provided when specific needs arise. Furthermore, cities gain access to a wide range of technical components and tools developed by the project.

The deadline for applications to the third CommuniCity Open Calls is 31 October 2024. Following this, expert juries nominated by participating cities will evaluate the applications. In December, the winning applicants can begin piloting technological solutions in their respective cities and can continue their experiments until May 2025. The CommuniCity project will grant each winning team a minimum of €12,500 Eur grant to support their solution development and pilot implementation efforts.

Pre-register and attend the Info Session on 9 April 

Are you interested in going forward with an urban challenge that the CommuniCity project can help to solve? If so, we encourage you to pre-register by filling out the Pre-Registration Form and sharing your preliminary ideas. This allows us to better understand the needs of your city or NGO and tailor our support.

Join the upcoming CommuniCity Open Call Info Session on April 9th from 14:30 to 16:00 CET to increase your understanding of the project. During the event, you can hear more about the open call and the next steps for joining cities. Additionally, you have the unique opportunity to connect with representatives from the partnering cities of Amsterdam, Helsinki, and Porto. Register here for the Info Session. 

The CommuniCity Consortium would like to finalise participating city recruitment by the end of April. Contact us or join the next Info Session to learn more! 

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Project Manager, Communications Specialist Anne-Mari Sandell

Anne-Mari Sandell
Project Manager, Communications Specialist
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