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UIA HOPE – Become a data source for data-driven air quality interventions

Artikkelikuva: Project introduction

Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) is an Initiative of the European Union that provides resources to test new and unproven solutions to address urban challenges. Project’s name is HOPE – Healthy Outdoor Premises for Everyone.


Lack of the real-time and reliable high resolution of air quality data in order to find the targeted interventions and specific pollution concentrations.

Solution proposed

The proposed solution is creating a feedback loop between high-resolution hyperlocal air quality data and actions of individuals and communities through co-design and participatory budgeting.

Expected results

Main result of the project is the development and validation of HOPE model for empowerment of the residents to understand and influence air quality, which leads to improvement of quality of life.


  • City of Helsinki
  • University of Helsinki – higher education and research institute
  • Vaisala Plc – private enterprise
  • Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority – regional public authority
  • Finnish Meteorological Institute – national public authority
  • Useless Company Ltd – SME
  • Forum Virium Helsinki – City of Helsinki innovation company

UIA HOPE Main milestones

  • August 2019: site planning is done
  • December 2019: interventions are catalogued
  • April 2020: first intervention selected and implemented
  • February 2021: first version of Lifespan models done
  • November 2021: AQ 2.0 Index developed

Forum Virium Helsinki contribution to the project

Forum Virium’s Open IoT and Data teams are involved in the project. Jätkäsaari used as one of the living labs.

Forum Virium Helsinki will be responsible for living lab activities in Jätkäsaari (e.g. user engagement) as well as engagement of external solution providers to the innovation measures via open calls.

Forum Virium Helsinki activities 2019–2021

  • User recruitment campaign
  • Coaching sessions/workshops
  • Workshops for joint planning of innovation competition
  • Innovation competition for new solutions
  • New solutions in district
  • Executing participatory budgeting process
  • Workshops for citizens
  • Workshops for joint evaluation of the intervention
  • User workshops for profile validation
  • Three public events for citizens

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