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From Work Activities to Employment project strengthens the equality of Helsinki residents

Artikkelikuva: Project introduction

From Work Activities to Employment project strengthens the equality, participation and work life skills of Helsinki residents by improving the range of services available to the work activities clients of the City of Helsinki Social Services, Health Care and Rescue Services Division.


We will integrate a new set of services into work activities with the aim of improving the opportunities of the diverse client base to access employment and studies. 

The project will develop a job coaching model suitable for work activities that recognises client groups and their needs. Through job coaching, clients can be provided with personal, stronger support for employment.

In addition to this, the project will test and develop digital solutions for surveying client’s digital and work life skills and supporting the completion of qualifications, degrees, and courses. These digital solutions will facilitate clients’ transition to studies or employment.

Duration, partners, funding and total budget

Duration: 1 March 2023–30 September 2024

Partners: The City of Helsinki and Forum Virium Helsinki

Funding: ESF + ELY Centre for Häme

Budget: The total budget is EUR 400,000, of which Forum Virium Helsinki’s share is EUR 150,000.

The role of Forum Virium Helsinki

Forum Virium Helsinki will serve as a partner in the project and support the conceptualisation and digitalisation of the operating model, utilising co-creation workshops and methods.

Benefits for Helsinki

The digital solutions will help diversify the service, facilitate clients’ transition from work activities and provide added value for job coaching.

The automation provided by the digital solutions will support client’s self-direction and free up instructors’ resources.

Article photo: Jussi Hellsten, City of Helsinki