Platform Developer Sheena Puthanpurayil joins the Forum Virium IoT-team

Artikkelikuva: Platform Developer Sheena Puthanpurayil joins the Forum Virium IoT-team

[vc_column]Who are you, where do you come from and what work have you done?

“I am Sheena Puthanpurayil and I am a software engineer with experience in application development, test automation development and testing of software.”

What project are you working with and what is your role in it?

“I am working as a platform development engineer in the Finest Twins project where we are developing an Urban Open Platform to gather, store and process different kinds of city data.”

What do you anticipate to see and do?

“I look forward to learning new technologies in software automation and data engineering.”

What interests you?

“I am generally interested in technology and what is all the more interesting here at Forum Virium is to be able to use technology for making the City of Helsinki smarter. It is interesting to be able to see ideas being piloted and coming to fruition.”

What do you do in your spare time?

“Most often in my free time, you would find me spending time with my 3 year old. I enjoy reading books and learning about history, culture, human behaviour, human mind and mental health. I also like spending time in nature and wilderness, be it with short walks or long hikes.”

How would you like to develop a smart city?

“By using policies and technology to enable a functional, sustainable, safe and inclusive city space with the active involvement of all stakeholders, i.e. residents, city authorities, businesses and visitors. It is also important to have a functional feedback loop from the stakeholders to the city ecosystem co-creators to be able to actively improve what is already available.”

What type of skill do you bring to Forum Virium Helsinki?

“As a technical expert, what I bring to Forum Virium are my software skills combined with an initiative to try and test different technologies, willingness to learn from mistakes and improvise.”


Welcome to Forum Virium Helsinki, Sheena! 

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