Timo Sillander appointed new Technology Director of Forum Virium Helsinki

Artikkelikuva: Timo Sillander appointed new Technology Director of Forum Virium Helsinki

Technology Director Timo Sillander started in his new position in early January. He leads Forum Virium’s data project area and is part of the company’s management group.

Who are you, where are you from and what kind of work have you done?

“I am Timo Sillander, the new Technology Director of Forum Virium Helsinki. I come from an entrepreneurial background, and my career has gradually moved from design, marketing and communications towards technology deployment, digitalisation and information management. Along the way, I have increasingly shifted to serving the public sector.”

What project will you be working on and what is your role in it?

“I lead the data team at Forum Virium, which means that I act as a supervisor for the project managers whose project area focuses on data, as well as for the experts in the technical field.”

What are you looking forward to doing and seeing?

“I am looking forward to getting into the urban development arena and learning how a big machine like Helsinki works. I hope to create and explore new ways of working with enthusiastic, skilled and dedicated experts.”

What inspires you?

“Applying technology in practice, whilst paying strong attention to the human experience, is a guiding idea that I want to follow in this job as well. I find joy in systematisation, which I will surely get to experience and observe in Forum Virium’s projects.”

What do you do when you are not working?

“For work-life balance, I relax by doing physical activities ranging from mountain and gravel biking to exercising. I also read philosophical fiction and old science fiction. On top of these, I cook for my family, which is important, of course.”

How do you want to develop smart cities?

“I am particularly interested in the theme of ecological sustainability of city operations and urban living. Alongside this, another relevant aspect for me is the way residents experience their own city. I want to get involved in developing these in a way that makes the outcome sustainable, socially just, inclusive and engaging to residents.”

What kind of know-how do you bring to Forum Virium Helsinki?

“As an entrepreneur, I have learned from my clients, who work in a wide variety of sectors and operating environments. I believe that this experience allows me to bring a diversity of perspectives and flexibility to the table. I also have extensive experience in maintaining client and network relationships, which will certainly come in handy in this context as well.” 

We would like to give Timo a warm welcome to Forum Virium!

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Technology Director Timo Sillander

Timo Sillander
Technology Director
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