Open Finland Challenge Finalists 2015

Artikkelikuva: Open Finland Challenge Finalists 2015

This year, the Open Finland Challenge competition received a record 151 entries in 5 challenge categories – including competition entries from several countries. A total of 60 works have been selected as the finalists for competition. Open Finland Challenge looks for the best applications, services, concepts and ideas, which support active citizenship, improve services or enable a more open and efficient government. See the finalist works below!

The categories were extremely competitive – in particular the “Mobility and Tourism” and “Public Services, Active Citizens” -categories – and many high-quality submissions were left out of the shortlist. In selection of finalists the judges, led by chief judge Ilkka Pirttimaa, emphasized: need and potential impact, quality of work, future development potential and innovativeness.

The best of the best will be selected at the Open Finland Challenge Awards gala on December 3rd, 2015, 3-8 PM, at Bio Rex Helsinki. Register to the gala event here:

The shortlisted finalists of the categories – and the number of awards given per category are as follows:

Mobility and Tourism (6 prizes – 19 shortlisted finalists)

Media, Arts and Culture (3 prizes – 9 shortlisted finalists)

Education and Science (3 prizes – 9 shortlisted finalists)

Food and Wellness (3 prizes – 9 shortlisted finalists)

Public Services, Active Citizens (5 prizes – 15 shortlisted finalists)

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