The Nordic Business & Living Lab Alliance – Towards a Nordic Market for health and care solutions

Artikkelikuva: The Nordic Business & Living Lab Alliance – Towards a Nordic Market for health and care solutions

The Nordic Business & Living Alliance brings together the cities of Helsinki, Oslo, Västerås, Reykjavik and Copenhagen. Forum Virium Helsinki executes the project together with the City of Helsinki Department of Social Services and Health Care.

The common vision of the project is creating an ecosystem for Nordic collaboration between municipalities and companies for co-creating, testing and scaling health and care products and services. One target of this project is to collect a strong network of Nordic living labs specialized to health and wellbeing as well as elderly people.The project is also focused on creating a network of municipalities and Living labs to solve challenges of independent living. Successful cross-border collaboration and experimentation are seen as crucial in order to improve an otherwise fragmented Nordic market. The project facilitates the match between Nordic municipalities and companies in order to develop, test and implement new successful products and services, and scale them to the Nordic and global markets.

The Nordic Business and Living Lab Alliance is organized by a project funded by Nordic Innovation with partners from all Nordic countries. The group is lead by Væksthus Hovedstadsregionen from Copenhagen. The other Nordic countries are represented by Oslo kommune (Oslo Municipality) , Forum Virium Helsinki as a part the City of Helsinki, Icelandic Federation of Industries and MISTEL, a living lab under Västerås municipality. The project is a spin-off  from previous Nordic Independent Living Challenge -project. The project takes place from 2016 to 2017.

In Finland Forum Virium Helsinki has gathered actors interested in wellbeing and health services for elderly people with Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities and Laurea University of Applied Sciences.


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Project Manager Kaisa Sibelius

Kaisa Sibelius
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