Newsletters 2014

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Newsletters 2014

Newsletter 3/2014

International recognition for City of Helsinki’s Open Ahjo API
Open Ahjo is an Application Programming Interface (API) for accessing the decision-making material of the City of Helsinki. This API, accelerating transparency of city administration, was awarded the Best e-Government Prize in the Open City category in the WeGO Awards.

Helsinki among the Smartest Cities in the world
Helsinki is scoring again this year high in the list of the world’s smartest cities, together with Barcelona, Copenhagen, Singapore, Vancouver, Vienna, Los Angeles, Montreal and Lima.
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Apps4Finland’s winner reveals largest polluters
The grand prix of Apps4Finland competition has been awarded to the Päästö visualization. The visualization, utilizing open data, allows people to screen the biggest polluters anywhere in Europe with an interactive map. This year, the top prize of the Apss4Finland was selected via public voting.
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CitySDK Cookbook explains APIs
CitySDK Cookbook introduces the opportunities CitySDK APIs offer for cities and developers. It showcases the experiences Helsinki, Amsterdam and Lisbon have had with open harmonized APIs.
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Introducing online democracy into public decision making
The Finnish pilot of the D-CENT project offers a kit of online tools for active citizens. The project develops next generation tools for online democracy in Helsinki, Barcelona and Reykjavik. The pilot in Helsinki enables active citizens to organize into groups and promote their agenda in the context of local public decision-making.
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Smart Kalasatama: license to test
Smart Kalasatama is a project developing the Kalasatama district into a low barrier innovation and test space in Helsinki. In a recent Smart Kalasatama seminar, the various themes of Smart Kalasatama, including flexible transport, new energy consumption patterns, smart homes and communities, smooth everyday living, the wellbeing of residents, as well as smart work and learning, were investigated. Smart Kalasatama is a City of Helsinki project managed by Forum Virium Helsinki.

Nordic Independent Living Challenge kicks off in January
The Nordic capitals are introducing the Nordic Independent Living Challenge to find new solutions and technologies for the elderly and disabled. In Finland, the City of Helsinki and Forum Virium Helsinki are organizing the challenge competition. The competition will be launched in February 2015 and the main prize is worth approximately of 120 000 Euros.
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ACE Acceleration programme searches new participants
In its first year of activity the ACE Acceleration programme has already provided intensive one-to-one support to 80+ ICT start-ups and SMEs across Europe ensuring rapid entry and growth in international markets. Due to its initial success, ACE has now its second open call for applications – apply before the 25th of January 2015. Read more >>>

Apps for Europe Competition open until the end of the year
Apps for Europe is trying to find the best open data applications and startups that Europe has to offer and invites all developers, startups and companies that use open data as a recourse to join the competition and win a spot at the International Business Lounge @ Future Everything in February 2015. The deadline for entries is 31 December 2014.

New ways to use your travelcard
Helsinki Region Transport (HRT) travel card can now be used as a a customer loyalty card via a collaboration among HRT and Kliento. The collaboration was initiated by Forum Virium Helsinki’s City Card project and HRT’s customer loyalty programme.
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Mobile guide utilizing augmented reality piloted in Helsinki
There’s a new way to navigate in the Christmas rush in a large Kamppi shopping centre in Helsinki with the help of a mobile phone and an augmented reality application focusing on indoor navigation. This digital indoor navigation application is provided by the service called Bitsign. The pilot is part of EIT ICT Labs` Street Smart project.
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Voting for the Christmas lighting in Helsinki
The Lights of Christmas campaign involved citizens of Helsinki in planning the new lighting for the city. From a pre-set of lightning designs, one could vote his/her favourite in December. The votes were casted at the campaign website or via interactive media touchscreens around the city centre.The campaign was carried out as a part of Forum Virium Helsinki`s Pinta project.
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Smart City Expo: sharing experiences among cities
Barcelona Smart City Expo and Expo’s satellite events brought together Smart City experts around the world. Forum Virium Helsinki led discussions and sessions examining e.g., how knowledge, code and standards could be shared among cities, as well as what are the lessons learned from the inter city collaboration so far.

Newsletter 2/2014

Helsinki, the most successful open data city in the world
How Helsinki became the leading city of open data?
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6Aika brings EU financing for sustainable urban development
The six largest cities of Finland have a shared strategy entitled 6Aika – Open and smart services. 6Aika is a strategy for sustainable urban development in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere, Oulu and Turku. It focuses on three areas: open innovation platforms, open data and interfaces, and open participation.
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Apps4Finland Competition 2014
Open data innovation contest Apps4Finland has been launched. The competition is open to 3 November 2014, and the awards total more than 30,000 euros.
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Visiting Smart Helsinki
“I knew something good was afoot there, so it was time to figure out just what exactly.” Read all about John Tolva’s visit in Helsinki in his blog.
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Privacy-aware tools for democratic participation
A new European-wide project has been launched to build decentralized and privacy-aware tools for democratic participation to empower European citizens.
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Datademo funding supports open data initiatives
Datademo offers funding for open data initiatives. Funding decisions have been made following the practices of peer review and assessment.
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Smart City of Tomorrow Event encouraged cities to renew themselves
Forum Virium Helsinki, Fortum, KONE, Nokia and Tekes organized a Smart City of Tomorrow Event at the Millenium Pavilion in Helsinki. The event brought lots of smart city professionals to Helsinki.
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Sharing tech solutions for better city government
To encourage the replication and scaling of successful technologies, tools and approaches among different cities, Civic Exchange provides an online space where cities can discover and share impactful solutions enabling better city governance.
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Building a smart and open city
Forum Virium Helsinki gave a review of its current operations.
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Finnish eHealth know-how successful in an EU competition
The jury emphasized innovation, the impact of the solutions and the enterprises’ international growth potential in their selection of the eHealth competition winners.
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Open Finland 2014 seminar coming up in autumn
The two-day seminari Open Finland 2014 will bring together businesses, civil society organisations, researchers, administration and decision-makers in September.
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The winners of Apps4Europe
BikeCityGuide and Nostalgeo have been announced as winners of the Apps for Europe Competition.
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Newsletter 1/2014

City of Helsinki awarded the open data contest promoting digitalization
In January 2014, Mayor of Helsinki Jussi Pajunen gave the Pro Urbe Digitali Award to Apps4Finland contest that promotes the utilization of open data. The award, now given for the first time,is given to a body, that has promoted the creation of digital services.
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Forum Virium Helsinki – Best of 2013
Last year was a busy one for Forum Virium Helsinki. Year 2013 granted Helsinki international and national recognition for promoting a smart and open city. New openings were made in Finland and abroad.
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Library door opens now with a travel card – number of users up
Since last autumn, Suomenlinna library has been accessible to the islanders ever day of the week. Outside of the opening hours access is enabled by the Helsinki Region Transport travel card with library card features attached. The first results of the experiment have been positive, because the number of library users and of material borrowed has clearly increased during the experiment.
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Datademo supports Finnish open data developers
Three pioneers in the Finnish Open Data scene, Open Knowledg Finland, The Finnish Independency Fund SITRA and Helsinki Region Infoshare launched new funding instrument, Datademo in February. They are searching ideas that make use of open data in order to promote democracy.
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Geospatial data sources tops citizens’ data wishes
At the end of 2013, a survey was conducted asking the respondents what type of data they would want to be made accessible. According to the answers, the most desired material to be made accessible was geographic information, such as maps and data sets on traffic, environment and construction.
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European Smart Cities mapped
The European Parliament has published a report mapping Smart Cities in Europe. In the case study part of the report, Forum Virium Helsinki is introduced as playing a key role implementing Helsinki’s smart city strategy.
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Year 2013 in Growth Coaching – capital investments and new products
Year 2013 was characterized by economic melancholy, but the businesses involved in Forum Virium Helsinki’s Growth Coaching were in full swing. In 2013, a total of 46 businesses were involved in the program that has been sparring businesses in Helsinki for eight years.
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A transparent city
Helsinki Quarterly features articles on topical themes in Helsinki and the Helsinki Region. In the latest issue in English, Project Manager Ville Meloni writes about open data, transparent city and how Helsinki has been working to unlock its data reserves related to municipal decision-making.
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Members and partners pleased with Forum Virium Helsinki
Forum Virium Helsinki examined what its members and other closest cooperating partners thought about its operation. Clearly most of the respondents were pleased with their cooperation with Forum Virium Helsinki. Especially satisfaction continued to grow in Forum Virium Helsinki’s communications.
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Seven Finnish finalists at the European eHealth Competition
European eHealth Competition has chosen the 16 finalists! Among these are seven Finnish companies.
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How to keep talents in the Baltic Sea Region
Who are the talented students and professionals that the universities, companies and cities around the Baltic Sea Region are trying to attract and keep in the area? The latest ONE Baltic Sea Region –film tells about these young talents from and outside the region.
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