New ways to use the travelcard

Helsinki Region Transport (HRT) has started collaboration with Kliento, which has developed a loyalty scheme for local shops and restaurants. This enables the HRT travel card to be used as a loyalty card in companies that have joined Kliento’s scheme. The collaboration was initiated by Forum Virium Helsinki’s City Card project and HRT’s loyal customer programme, which will be launched next spring.

”Working together with Kliento adds value to our upcoming customer programme, because we’ll be able to offer our travel card users more services than just those provided by HRT,” says Sami Jokivirta, HRT’s CRM & Marketing Manager. Another advantage to HRT’s travel card users is the fact that they don’t need a separate card to take advantage of offers from Kliento’s clients. “I’m eager to see how our travel card users receive this new feature,” Jokivirta says.

A locally focused loyalty scheme

Kliento is a new kind of loyalty card scheme for local businesses in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and their customers. The members can provide unique benefits to their regular customers, from cards that get stamped with every lunch purchase to seasonal exclusive offers and reward points.

Now it’s also possible to use the HRT travel card as a loyalty card for all the member businesses of the Kliento service. Showing the card at the till is sufficient, but customers can also register their cards to the Kliento service at Registered customers can use the service to monitor the points they have accumulated as well as send feedback to member companies. If a card has been registered, the rewards are safe even if the card is lost. The customer gets a registration code for the Kliento website upon their first purchase with the travel card.

“Creating a fun and multifaceted loyalty scheme for local businesses and their customers has always been Kliento’s aim. Together with HRT we can deliver this experience to all the travel card users in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Now the travel card also works as a citizen’s loyalty card in several local shops and restaurants,” says Jukka Meklin, the Managing Director of Kliento says.

Kliento’s member companies so far include, among others, Cafe Ursula, Ciao! Caffé, Wrong Asian Kitchen, Funky Burger and 4Runners, and new companies keep joining up. “Kliento’s loyalty scheme is aimed particularly at local shops and restaurants. Our goal is to help residents build relationships with their favourite businesses, while also discovering new interesting businesses within the capital region,” Meklin states.

The collaboration with Kliento is part of HRT’s customer programme that will be launched next spring. HRT wants to offer its customers partner benefits, which are available with the travel card or via the My HSL web service. There are also plans to employ the travel card as a library card, which Forum Virium Helsinki has piloted earlier this year.

Further information:

Pekka Koponen
Development Director
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