TAW – New teaching technology for welding

Artikkelikuva: TAW – New teaching technology for welding

The aim of the Augmented Welder project is to develop an artificial intelligence- and virtual reality-based tool for teaching welding. The tool will make the study of welding faster and more efficient, which will in turn reduce training costs. Furthermore, the innovative technology will significantly improve the quality of teaching.

The tool being developed is based on combining virtual and augmented reality by means of digital technology. The simulator-like tool guides the welder in maintaining the most ergonomic working position and provides real-time advice on how to achieve the best welding results. Consequently, the tool is expected to reduce muscle injuries and workplace accidents among welders and improve the quality of welding.

”Welding requires precision and its demand world wide is continuously growing. It is great to join the industry’s top teams to reform teaching methods using innovative technologies”, tells Project Manager Silja Peltonen.

Educational institutions closely involved

The project will develop a prototype that will be tested in genuine teaching conditions at Helsinki Vocational College, Helsinki City Construction Services Stara and ISA educational institutions in 2018. The aim of these trials is to collect feedback from both students and teachers about the tool’s features and necessary improvements.

Ultimately the goal is to commercialise the teaching tool created in the project while also increasing understanding of how digital technology can be utilised to support teaching.

In Finland, the project is coordinated by Forum Virium Helsinki. The other project partners are the Finnish Fuuvr, which will provide the project with the required business expertise; the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), which is responsible for the technology used; and Institut de Soudure (ISA), which will provide the necessary pedagogic know-how. The project will be carried out in 2018 and is funded by EIT Digital.





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Silja Peltonen

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Project Portfolio Manager, EIT Digital Silja Peltonen

Silja Peltonen
Project Portfolio Manager, EIT Digital
+358 40 742 6360

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