New faces at Forum Virium Helsinki

Artikkelikuva: New faces at Forum Virium Helsinki

The team of Forum Virium Helsinki has strengthened with a new employee, read more:

Sami Nikula

Mr. Sami Nikula (M.Sc, MBTI) is project manager in developing innovation and business model in the FINEST Twins project. Previously Sami was Social Impact Analyst at Finnish Transport Safety Agency, responsible for impact analysis and forecast concerning transportation system and intelligent transport systems. Sami holds an M.Sc. degree in education and leadership from Jyväskylä University and is MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) certified practitioner from American Management Association.

His prior work experience include ECB committee work, innovation, foreign relations, economic analysis and business development in emerging markets. Sami has also lived and worked in three different developing countries.

Sami was recruited to Forum Virium from his own initiative after a customer seminar where the Forum virium Helsinki’s CEO Jarmo Eskelinen held the keynote speak. The seminar dealt with information and business possibilities the digital information could provide in future cities.

Sami spends his free-time with marathon running, plays quitar and piano, travels and cooks with pleasure.

Sami’s slogan in general is: “Insight is never out of season.”

Sami Nikula
Project Manager, FINEST Twins
tel. + 358 40 649 5500


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