New Faces at Forum Virium Helsinki

Project Manager Jaakko Ikävalko

Jaakko Ikävalko started working as Project Manager in the GET project in Forum Virium Helsinki in October 2013. Jaakko assists eHealth businesses to grow and become internationalized. Jaakko has graduated from the Aalto University School of Business and worked for a long time in product development research at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management. Before Forum Virium Helsinki, he worked at Culminatum Innovations in eHealth projects.
Project Manager Veera Mustonen
Veera Mustonen started at Forum Virium Helsinki as Project Manager of the Smart Kalasatama in November 2013. Together with the city, businesses, inhabitants and numerous stakeholder groups Veera is creating a portfolio and guidelines for developing a smart new part of town. In the next year, she will start tens of pilot projects in Kalasatama. Previously, Veera has worked at Nokia, SanomaWSOY, Satama Interactive, Aalto University and the National Consumer Research Centre, among others.  
Project Manager Annukka Varteva
Annukka Varteva started working at Forum Virium Helsinki as Project Manager of Linked Events in November 2013. Annukka is in charge of the Linked Events project, which aims to introduce a common, open data base and interface for the City of Helsinki’s event information. The goal is to make the event information easily accessible so that the service producers could offer comprehensive and up-to-date information about different events. Annukka has a Master of Arts degree. Earlier she has worked in book business and content production and development tasks.

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