New Faces at Forum Virium Helsinki

The team of Forum Virium Helsinki has strengthened with new people:

Jasmina Savolainen, Communications Coordinator, Stadi.TV

Since the beginning of 2014, Jasmina has been working as the communications coordinator of Stadi.TV. Jasmina will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in journalism at the Turku University of Applied Sciences in April 2014. Her duties include planning and developing Stadi.TV’s communications and producing data visualization for the programs on Stadi.TV.

“Forum Virium Helsinki offers me an opportunity to develop in many areas at the same time. The sharing of knowledge and skills between colleagues is natural and fruitful. You learn things without even knowing that your were learning”, Jasmina says.

Timo Tuominen, Code for Europe Fellow, City of Helsinki, IT Division

Timo Tuovinen started at the Forum Virium Helsinki in the beginning of 2014. Timo has a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science. His Master’s thesis on high-performance Android applications is nearly completed. Before this, Timo has worked as a planner in libraries, in national development projects of Helsinki city library and the unit. Timo was involved in publishing the library’s open data and open interfaces and developed modern web and mobile applications for the employees and customers of the library

Now Timo is a Code for Europe fellow programmer hired by Forum Virium Helsinki to work in the City of Helsinki. Timo’s desk is in Helsinki city administration office, more precisely in the ICT development team of the Information technology unit at the Information technology and communications department.

Timo’s task is to promote concretely the implementation of agile software development methods based on openness and their getting established in the city processes. In addition, he listens to the city’s office’ needs to develop their services and he creates suitable projects to be designed and realized on open source code platforms.

Eero Waronen, Senior Specialist

Eero Waronen has been working with Forum Virium Helsinki since the beginning of 2014. His duties include for instance 6AIKA strategy communications tasks.
6AIKA strategy is part of the Finnish EU Cohesion policy 2014 – 2020 sustainable urban development theme. In 6AIKA six major cities of Finland co-operate in developing better services for their citizens and opportunities of new business and growth for their companies. City dwellers’ lives improve, when important everyday services are available also as digital alternatives in addition to traditional ways.
Previously Eero has worked altogether more than a quarter of a century in different communications and management responsibilities for instance in the Finland’s biggest business daily newspaper ”Kauppalehti”, the central government owned commercial bank ”Postipankki” (the Post Office Bank) and as the Head of Communications of the City of Helsinki. 
During his whole working life he has exploited the use of ICT applications in corporate communications, lately in the introduction of several social media applications (Facebook, Twitter, blogging) with the City of Helsinki as well as in introducing an extensive and realtime web decision making ICT communications system together with the new Ahjo (“The Forge”) electronic decision processing system of the City of Helsinki (2011−2013).


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