Mission Zero Foodprint Open Call: Digital solutions to measure and decrease restaurants’ carbon footprint

Artikkelikuva: Mission Zero Foodprint Open Call: Digital solutions to measure and decrease restaurants’ carbon footprint

Forum Virium Helsinki launches an open call for agile piloting in restaurants. The aim is to find digital tools that help restaurants to manage their food waste, energy efficiency or carbon footprint. The call for pilots is open 7.9.–4.10.2020.

The agile pilots are part of the Mission Zero Foodprint project, which develops an operational model and interoperable digital services that support small and middle-sized restaurants making their operations more sustainable and carbon neutral. The total cost for the open call is 38 000 € (VAT %), and 3-5 solutions will be selected for the agile piloting process. The maximum price for one pilot is 10 000€.

The Mission Zero Foodprint panel chooses the best solutions that fulfill the criteria to be piloted together with the project network and pilot restaurants. The selected operators will participate in the common kickoff event organized for the solution providers and pilot restaurants in the fall 2020. The piloting process lasts approximately six months.

Network partners on board in the open call 

The pilot restaurants selected by Mission Zero Foodprint project act as a platform for experimentation and provide a concrete environment for testing new services and digital solutions. The pilots carried out with restaurants provide feedback, lessons and real-life experiences regarding the services. Forum Virium Helsinki facilitates the experimentation, providing its contacts with relevant cooperation partners. The experimentations will be communicated by Forum Virium Helsinki.

The pilots will be selected with the expert panel that includes collaboration partners of the project and experts from the restaurant field. Collaboration partners of the project are City of Helsinki and Helsinki Marketing, HSY, EcoCompass, Kotipizza Group and Palmia. The collaboration partners have interest in finding new digital tools and utilizing them in a wider context:

City of Helsinki is developing the calculation of events’ carbon footprint, and one essential aspect is the food services. Thinks Sustainably service from Helsinki Marketing steers restaurants, among other service providers, to develop their operations to a sustainable direction, and provides information for citizens and visitors. Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY supports SMEs to develop their corporate responsibility and do sustainable climate actions. EcoCompass is in an environmental management system that in turn provides guidelines for restaurants to manage their environmental impact. EcoCompass has a wide network of sustainably operating restaurants and the possibility to spread the tools to the wider user group. The company partner Kotipizza Group has actively participated in the co-creation process during the project and will also be piloting the digital solutions from the open call. 

What would you like to pilot?

Offers should be submitted by using the electronic form on the website of Forum Virium Helsinki. The call for offers documents and the electronic entry form can be found in the links below.

Mission Zero Foodprint – Call for offers

Mission Zero Foodprint – Electronic Form for offers

The call is open until 4th of October 2020 at 23.59 (EEST). The offers received by that time will be evaluated according to the criteria described in the Call for offers document.

Further information

An info event was organised regarding the open call virtually 10th of September 2020. You can watch the presentation slides from these links.

Mission zero foodprint open call info event 10.9.2020 / Digital solutions for managing restaurants’ carbon footprint

Insights from workshops, Emilia Risu 10.9.2020 eng / Mission Zero Foodprint Open Call Info

Questions and answers regarding the call can be sent to annamaria.rossi@forumvirium.fi by 28.9.2020 with the title “Mission Zero Foodprint, Agile Pilots”

Information about agile piloting

Agile piloting is an agile, challenge-based model for experimenting with new services and technologies in a real-world urban environment with real end users – be they residents, units of different City divisions or companies forming part of the Helsinki Group. Agile pilots respond to real, identified challenges.

Aim of agile piloting 

Co-creation is an essential part of agile piloting. The solutions are developed together with the City, companies, residents, research partners and other stakeholders. The objective is to learn and share the results widely with different actors and networks. The key partners and channels will be identified case-specifically. 

For the City and other municipal actors, it is crucial to gather lessons learnt and results about the feasibility of new technologies and services in relation to the challenges identified and to the development of activities in general. Agile piloting primarily aims to create and share new knowledge and understanding, not to result in subsequent procurements or customership with the City. 

For companies, agile pilots provide an opportunity to trial new solutions in a real-world urban environment with real residents – thus offering a reference of the service or product being piloted. 

Mission Zero Foodprint project promotes carbon neutrality of small restaurants by developing a model and smart solutions, and by making the change visible for consumers. During the project, co-creation and pilots are carried out in collaboration with restaurants and other stakeholders in the Helsinki region. The project is coordinated by Forum Virium Helsinki, with Laurea University of Applied Sciences serving as project partner. The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council.

Photo: Helsinki Marketing

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