Local Food Stall: unique atmosphere and changing local foods!

Artikkelikuva: Local Food Stall: unique atmosphere and changing local foods!

In the newly renovated Hakaniemi Market Hall, a new type of space use and activity is being piloted in autumn 2023 as part of the Urban&Local project.

The Local Food Stall will open its doors on 9 September. It has an important role to play: to give small and micro-entrepreneurs a chance to showcase their products and try their hand at market hall sales. This means that customers can enjoy handmade delicacies and local specialities, prepared with skill and passion in the Uusimaa region.

This is a great opportunity to support local entrepreneurs and pick up some wonderful culinary treasures!



December 4th-9th Perho Green City Farm has the last vegetables of the season. You can find ecologically grown beetroots, parsnips, and winter squashes, as well as herbal tea and herb salt! NB! The stall is closed on Independence Day 6.12.

December 11th-23rd Södergårds Mathantverkare has cereal products from their own mill as well as seasonal treats such as beetroot-gorgonzola casserole and meadowsweet ice-cream!

December 18th-23rd Uudenmaan ruoka food co-operative has the season’s delicacies in a handy gift bag! It makes a great gift for you and your loved ones!

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Past vendors


Ituitu – Indoor-grown fresh juices
Doña Kalaka” – Artisanal salsas
Mama Mem’s” – Fresh tofu


Haaga-Helia students – Suomisnacks
Definutely – Fresh plant-based milks, fresh tofu and kimchi
Inka Paahtimo – High-quality and sustainable coffee beans
Jiaozi – Vegetable dumplings


Espoon hunaja – local honey and beeswax products
6Kerkkä – spruce tip marmalade and dried spruce tips
Sobar – alcohol-free beers and other drinks
Mäsli – Crispbreads made from spent grains

Illustrations by Mira Piitulainen

Additional information

Project Manager Roosa Halonen

Roosa Halonen
Project Manager
+358 40 158 1400

Project Planner Olivia Fokeerah

Olivia Fokeerah
Project Planner
+358 41 318 1111

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