Launching the Kalasatama Smart City Living Lab

Artikkelikuva: Launching the Kalasatama Smart City Living Lab

Kalasatama is as smart as they come – and green to the core. This new seaside district is being built on the best available spot, firmly connected to the city core. In terms of its size and impact, this emerging community is Finland’s key construction project. What’s more, Kalasatama is a national pioneer in smart grid technology, determined to explore the residential living of tomorrow – today.

Construction of Kalasatama began in 2011 and will continue until the 2030s, by when it will be home to 20,000 residents and a working district for 8,000 people. Kalasatama’s social ecosystem is developing fast; this robust neighbourhood is a pilot for a new kind of community orientation and multi-layered urban culture.
Kalasatama will feature ambitious high-rise construction, floating apartments and ecologically sound residential living – as well as enticing greenery and kilometres of seaside promenade. Kalasatama will set the new standard for quality living, working and leisure for decades to come.
Easy access Living Lab for developers
Kalasatama is a designated Smart City demonstration area. It will be developed in collaboration between the city, the companies and the residents. This development will be agile and it will engage the residents and job-goers as new service and product testers and co-designers. A data-driven smart city development environment will be set up, and easy access will be provided for companies to use the living lab.
In the following year, Forum Virium Helsinki manages Fiksu Kalasatama -project on behalf of the Urban Development Economic Planning Centre of the City of Helsinki. The aim of the project is to ramp up the living lab activities in the area as well as create a “kick-off” smart city development project portfolio to be run in the area.
Companies and other organisations wishing to pilot, test and co-design their future smart city services are most welcome to take part in this development, also from abroad. Also, Forum Virium Helsinki is able and willing to facilitate the design of cross-European projects with the aim of piloting services in Kalasatama.
More information:
Development Director Roope Ritvos
Tel  +358 40 466 2161



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