Kokeilujoukot gets Helsinki residents involved in developing smart solutions of the future

Artikkelikuva: Kokeilujoukot gets Helsinki residents involved in developing smart solutions of the future

Forum Virium Helsinki’s resident cooperation has been brought under one roof as Kokeilujoukot.

Kokeilujoukot offers Helsinki residents the opportunity to participate in various surveys, workshops and trials. As a member of Kokeilujoukot, your role may include, for example, measuring air quality or acting as a test user of a new technological service. Anyone spending time in Helsinki may join Kokeilujoukot (page in Finnish). The members of the group will receive emails about new trials and other opportunities to participate. You can take part in the activities according to your interests – all activities are completely free and voluntary.

As a member of Kokeilujoukot, you get to:

  • Be the first to learn about smart solutions and innovations.
  • Give feedback on them.
  • Influence further development of services.
  • Contribute to making Helsinki the world’s most functional city to live in!

The trials are a part of Forum Virium Helsinki’s development projects, in which Helsinki residents can test new services and products in their daily lives in cooperation with companies, research institutes and the City.

Air quality measurement and robot bus rides

Since the summer of 2019, as many as 200 residents in the Jätkäsaari, Vallila and Pakila areas have participated in measurements carried out with portable air quality sensors. The trial’s participants have received information about their own exposure to air pollution using a sensor developed by the University of Helsinki. The aim of the trial is to increase people’s awareness of their exposure and opportunities to influence the prevailing air quality. In addition to this, the project studies the use of similar sensors in creating more accurate information on air quality. The introduction of affordable sensors has made it possible to carry out such trials.

Automated public transport is still in the early stages of development, but several thousand passengers have already been able to try out robot buses in Vuosaari, Kalasatama and Pasila, among other places. Based on the trials conducted so far, passenger reactions have been curious and enthusiastic and the feedback has been positive for the most part.

The development work will be continued, and the experiences of passengers are providing valuable information on how to apply new technology to improve everyday services for residents. From the City’s perspective, it is important to prepare for a breakthrough of traffic automation made possible by technology. The participation of citizens in these trials is important to ensure that the end result is user-friendly.

Subscribe to the Kokeilujoukot mailing list and join us in developing smart solutions for the future: http://kokeilujoukot.fi (page in Finnish).

Fabulos robottibussi pasila 2020. Kuva Jussi Hellsten

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